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I am a really bad salesperson.

The problem with working on a series that reminds us of Final Fantasy IX after just beating FFIX is that every time we see the one character, we think, "Oh, Zidane!" and then we want to go play FFIX again. As if we didn't have enough video games we want to play again.

Man, this series though. It doesn't even feel like it's hard, but then suddenly the CD will be over and we've only got about ten pages done. And that's when there's no poetry!

Also, I wish TokyoPop would announce their July releases. It's kind of frustrating when we want to go on and on about a series but we can't say the title. We think it's possible that the one we're working on now will be announced soon, but we won't know until it's actually announced. I have so much to say about it, too. *pout*

Ah well. Oh yeah! Sengoku Nights vol.1 comes out tomorrow. That's a very interesting series. We're still not sure if it's yaoi or not. Our boss had offered us two serieses, and we weren't going to take it because the other one was longer and we could only have one and we knew a little more about the other one (Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase), but then they gave us the Scrapped Princess manga because they needed it fast, so we switched to Sengoku Nights because, if we were getting two serieses, it only seemed fair to let whichever other translator was looking for work have the longer one. Wow, that's a long sentence.

There was a point somewhere in the middle where I was berating myself because things were getting a little too close for comfort as far as yaoi-ness, and I was like, "Never, ever, ever tell yourself that just because a girl is reincarnated as a guy does not necessarily mean a series is yaoi, because it always, always, always will!!" But then it didn't go any farther and everything got better, so it's kind of an "all's well that ends well" thing. It's really not bad, either. Just the one guy who almost seems to just do it because he has some sort of sense that fangirls are reading.

At any rate, the characters are all really fun, and we both like it a lot. So if the previous paragraph didn't scare you too much, then check it out!

And tonight I'm thankful for sidewalks, candy bars, finding Reesesticks at the 99cents Only store, being able to talk at length about Disneyland, and Nerds candy.
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