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A little free time here and there

We actually got to play some KamiAso last night and tonight! For the first time in...I don't know, when did we last post about Thor? That's how long. But! today was still kinda busy, so we didn't really have time to post about it. Or if we did post about it, we might not have had time to play tonight, and that would have been a bummer for us. But maybe our lack of posting about it is a bummer for you! so I'm sorry about that, but I promise to post about it! I can! Maybe I'll even still remember by then! What I'm saying is next week is looking pretty busy, too. Like, kind of scary busy, but maybe not scary busy because it depends on how things go, but since the next week involves a project that might really want to take some of this week too if there's to be any hope of getting it in on time, I am a little bit scared about our schedule for the next two weeks.

And all of that is a reminder...okay, so really just the "two weeks" is a reminder...that our birthday is in two weeks! Whoa! When did that happen? We sort of had plans to go on an adventure for it, but it's looking like our work schedule won't allow it. Or if it does, we'll be too tired. So maybe we'll have a belated birthday adventure. Except that we paid taxes today, so adventure funds are going to be low until...I don't even know when. All the dental work I had done in the last year is really taking its toll. Anyway, we'll be sure to make it awesome.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play KamiAso again, remembering before our birthday that our birthday is coming up, Poptarts being on sale, Fudge Shop cookies being on sale (we've been thinking we might do a little better at work if we gave our brains more of a sugar boost), and the reason for the season! Tomorrow is Easter!
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