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Alethea & Athena
This is the work that never ends... 
11th-Apr-2017 10:01 pm
Turns out I've used that subject line before, but it's super appropriate and I'm too tired to think of anything else.

We had a lovely morning, going out for breakfast with Gaston and Alice. We stayed at the restaurant long after we'd finished eating, just talking about stuff. It was really nice.

And then we came home and talked to Mom about our taxes. That was significantly less nice. I mean, it was nice talking to Mom, but not so nice finding out how much money we're not going to have anymore. She tried to cheer us up with a picture of our niece in an Iron Man costume, and it was super adorable, but we're so tired of women trying to be men all the time. I mean, in this case, it was really just a matter of the kid having two brothers and therefore hand-me-down superhero costumes but not yet being old enough to have her own costumes, and I don't know, maybe she really likes Iron Man, and that's okay, too, but since we were already bummed out about taxes, we were already focusing on the negative.

After that, we got some work done, and then our nephew from the other sister called, and we had a nice time talking to him and his mom. I feel like something super cute was said, but I can't remember anything right now.

And then we realized that we weren't going to finish our work quota for today, and now we're feeling like we're going to be in a perpetual work tunnel, and it's not happy. I think the hardest part is now we have a decision to make. Do we keep trying to get all the work done ASAP (and therefore get more money with which to pay all the taxes and medical bills and whatever), or do we take a break because we need one and we're not going to get one unless we just take one? But we just took a break today, technically, what with the visiting with friends and talking to family on the phone. So it's tough.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely breakfast with friends, Mom doing our taxes, getting a call from our nephew (oh here's something super cute--apparently he is physically incapable of preventing himself from singing along with Moana songs, even if he wants very badly to tell someone a story on the phone (the painfully sad part of this is that much as he adores Moana, his parents can't get him to watch any hand-drawn animation); the other cute thing is when he asked his mom what she was doing, and she said, "I'm talking to Alethea and Athena on the phone. What are you doing?" "I'm talking to them, too."), at least managing to finish a first draft of the Cospedia, and Page being very patient with us as we stay glued to our computer.
12th-Apr-2017 11:52 pm (UTC)
Actually, at the moment Tony Stark is in a coma and the person starring in the main Iron Man comic is a fifteen-year-old girl named Riri Williams who managed to figure out how to build her own set of superhero flying armor by studying old Iron Man suits. She's officially using the superhero name Ironheart, but since her suit is modeled on the original Iron Man's (and doesn't have metal breasts or anything like that added to make her gender obvious), people keep mistaking her for him until they hear her speak. So your niece wearing an Iron Man costume that was originally designed for a boy is actually pretty similar to what's going on in the Iron Man comic right now.
13th-Apr-2017 01:32 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure my one-year-old niece is unaware of those developments, but maybe she'll be interested when she's older. XD
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