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Ha, ha, ha, we disappeared again! As usual, we had a busy Saturday. Since we may or may not be having guests this week, we thought the hospitable thing to do would be to actually clean our apartment. That only sort of happened, but at least the bathroom is mostly clean! And then one of the kids in our Primary got baptized yesterday! Tadah! That was a lovely event, too.

And then we came home and worked. If anyone has managed to watch KABUKIBU!, you may or may not have noticed that the songs weren't translated. (The "may or may not" is because we haven't managed to watch the final version, and I don't know if they had somebody jot up a quick placeholder translation in the meantime.) Okay, technically, one song was translated, and oh man, I have to tell you, that song was... So if you haven't seen the episode, there's one character who's the vocalist in a band...only he's like really tone deaf. Like, really, really tone deaf. So the first time you see him, he's performing, and it's seriously the most awful thing. And it was brilliant, because it was so bad. But due to various circumstances surrounding the translation process (mostly to figure out timing), we had to listen to it piece by piece, and each piece we listened to repeatedly. I never thought listening to bad singing could be such a painful experience. Oh man, it was so bad. But I love that scene so much. And then we're pretty sure the character's voice actor (who also plays Zen in Snow White with the Red Hair) sings a solo in the end sequence, just so everybody knows he's not tone deaf in real life.

But anyway, the point is, we were working late into the night last which I mean it was bedtime when we finished. Fortunately, we didn't have to work later than that. And for all we know, we didn't even need to get it done over the weekend, but with all the other work we have coming up, we figured it couldn't hurt to get ahead.

And I was sitting here trying to think, because I clearly remembered having something to post about yesterday other than work, and then I remembered! We're going to Comic-Con! We weren't originally planning to go this year, but a couple weeks ago we got an emails saying congratulations, you're eligible to buy tickets to Comic-Con! And we were like, "I didn't know that's how it worked, but okay!" We figured we might as well play along, so we woke up early yesterday to get in to the waiting room. It was kind of an interesting process. They set up this "waiting room," which was open an hour before tickets went on sale, and in order to get tickets, you had to be in the waiting room during that hour.

Once the waiting room was closed to new entries, they organized everybody (by which I assume they meant all the people who were currently logged in to the waiting room) into groups, and randomly selected people to buy tickets. So basically what that meant was you had the window open, it automatically refreshed itself every minute or so, and if you were one of the lucky chosen, suddenly the waiting room screen changed to a ticket buying screen. That happened to me only a few minutes into ticket sales, so I bought us some tickets for Thursday and Friday (we figure there's not a whole lot of point in going on Saturday, although of course this might mean they get some guest that we reeeeeally want to see who can only be there on Saturday, but since the schedule's not up, we don't know), and now here we are!

The only drawback is that one of the reasons we figured it would be okay to do this is that Gaston is always going to San Diego anyway, so getting a ride shouldn't have been a problem at all, but! he's going to be out camping or something that week. That's okay, though, because I think we can figure out how to get there on our own.

So that's an exciting thing. The other mildly exciting thing that happened yesterday is that an old con buddy of ours (by which I mean "person we hung out with at conventions;" she actually mostly hangs out with a college friend, and I'd probably call her a college friend for that reason, except that she didn't actually go to college with us) who we're not even friends with on Facebook messaged us on Facebook and said, "Hey, have you considered cosplaying these two characters from Moana?" If you've seen Moana, you might be able to figure out which characters I'm talking about, but if you haven't, I don't know if I want to give it away, or if mentioning that there's something to give away might give it away, but frankly, I was disappointed in myself for not realizing there was something to give away much sooner in the course of the movie, so it can't be that big a surprise, right?

Anyway. We actually didn't much care for Moana, but the fact that she went out of her way to suggest it to us, and the fact that the costumes would be ridiculously elaborate but super awesome if we could pull them off, had our cosplay problem solving engines running, and we were thinking about it all throughout the day. I do like to come up with creative solutions to things like that, but my goodness the amount of time, effort, and money that would go into completing such an endeavor... Oh, but it would look so cool... We'll just keep it there in the Mythical Time and see if anything comes of it.

Today I'm thankful for having tickets to Comic-Con, Shin Akutsu's exquisite tone deafness, super cool cosplay ideas, having music from Out of Shadowland going on in my head, and fun new translation exercises.
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