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Speaking of things we could probably get away with talking about on Facebook and nobody would be like, "Ugh, nobody cares about...!" ...I guess Athena and I were only sort of talking about that in the comments of our last post, but the topic has been brought up, and I'm thinking about it. But more importantly, I have one of those things to talk about! And actually, we were planning on posting about it on Facebook, but things got funny in a non-humorous sort of way, and I might mention that as the post goes on, but for now I'm a little flustered because I've been thinking about psychological things and I have to get my thoughts sorted out again.

Anyway! the point is. Does anybody remember, like, maybe it was about two weeks ago? When we were talking about how we were super busy and then this company comes along and says, hey you want some more work? and we were all, why, sure! because we're not busy enough, even though we were ridiculously busy and now we're working all the time and we have a severe case of the "I dun wannas," and we just learned that the word for that in Japanese is "jijou jibaku," and we learned that because it's in the theme song of a new anime we're watching, and we're only watching it because we translated it, because otherwise there's no way we could watch it because it's on Anime Strike and we don't have an Anime Strike account and neither does anybody else so nobody's gonna watch it and that's such a bummer because it's our first anime series.

And you see I'm getting ahead of myself, which is mostly because I'm feeling sulky which makes me want to talk in run-on sentences. The sulking is mostly not because of nobody being able to watch this anime, though. It's more because of Facebook's consistent boringness.

So let me get this story back on track. A company came to us and offered us more work, and normally we might have said no, I'm sorry, we're too busy right now, but there were two very important reasons that we didn't. First, we're still kind of broke, and when we finally pay our taxes, we'll probably be super broke. We don't like being super broke, so when we're faced with brokeness and somebody comes along and says, "Wanna earn money?" then we say, "Heck yes!" (Incidentally, we have been earning a lot of money, so we think we'll be able to recover from the brokeness sometime in May.)

The second reason is that it was an anime company. Now, on the one hand, we agree that generally manga tells better stories than anime, and also we learned that in many cases, anime translation doesn't pay well enough to be sustainable. But more of our Facebook friends care about anime than manga, and we looked up this company and found out they had some pretty good titles, and most importantly, we really just like to do everything. I mean, not everything everything, but we like to at least have the option. And we could never fully divorce ourselves from anime, because we love Japanese voice actors so much. And most of all, always take the interview. Keep your options open.

So we "took the interview," as it were, and we passed with flying colors! It was kind of shocking, really. I mean, we know we think we're good, but as anime/manga fans who are constantly nitpicking and critiquing subtitles, we kind of expect everyone else to do the same to us. It was funny, too, because the translation boss was all, "I'm sorry, but we do have to give you a test," and we were thinking, "Duh, you have to give us a test. How else will you know if we're any good?" I mean, maybe if you'd read the manga we translated, but we can't expect anyone to have done that (just to make sure this is clear, I am not being sarcastic at all when I say that). So we took the test, and Translation Boss loved our answers, and we were in! Tadah!

And immediately we were assigned a series to translate! And it's a simulcast! And, as mentioned previously, it's on Anime Strike, so you have to have an Amazon Prime membership with an Anime Strike account on top of that, so we feel bad asking people to watch it. But! it's really good so far! On the other hand, there are other titles that we liked the first episode of and didn't really like that much afterward (DN Angel...le sigh...), but so far it's really good! And I haven't told you what it is yet because I don't know I guess I like to build suspense or something. Mostly it just hasn't fit naturally into the narrative yet. Maybe I'm just too good at withholding titles due to confidentiality.

But we can tell you this: we learned that Page does not like kabuki.

So anyway. We technically have a little more work to do today, but the aforementioned case of the "I dun wannas" has us leaning heavily in the direction of putting it off until tomorrow or Monday. It hardly seems like a good idea when our calendar continues to be full and we have guests coming over next week, but on the other hand, it turns out our Disneyland passes are blocked out that week, so the guests might not come after all, and if they do, it will be for much shorter. So that tells me we should at least have enough extra time to finish up that other work... We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate anime, learning that not all anime translation work is necessarily unsustainable, finally beating that stupid Raid Boss in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross multi-player mode, Little Boy Cat's leg looking like it's healing, and ice cream.
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