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Good stuff

*sigh* We just beat Final Fantasy IX again. Soooo good. It makes me want to sit and play it all day and all night and all day and not have to work on stuff. But work is fun too, so it's not all bad.

We were never sure who was doing the monologue-y thingie at the end, but this time, we pulled out the memorial album and checked, and since it kept saying "boku" in katakana, we finally definitively figured out that it's Vivi. I guess that may have been obvious to some people, but we can be kind of slow sometimes. I blame the translation.

It's just so beautifully done. Now that we figured out that it's Vivi talking at the end, we also figure it means he probably died, which is very sad, but also very Hironobu Sakaguchi. I'm still convinced that the Holy materia decided to wipe out mankind at the end of FF7. But we can be happy, because he said his memories were going to go join the sky, and as we all know, the sky is Sora, so he's going to go be in Kingdom Hearts! Yay!!!

I think it would be cute if he and Kuja made friends in the afterlife. And then they could watch Zidane and Garnet and throw spirit popcorn at them. And these are the kinds of scenarios I imagine at almost two in the morning. I really didn't think I was that tired, though.

I love how before Zidane goes to rescue Kuja, he realizes Kuja's still alive and says, "Aw, dammit..." And not because Kuja was still alive, but because he knew he had to go save him. Kind of like a, "dang it, I left the water running," only a little different. I think that's exactly how I would have reacted. And the scene where Zidane goes to rescue him. And the scene before that when he says goodbye to Dagger. Awwwwwww! *sniffle*

I can just imagine Tantalus planning the whole play where Zidane makes his reappearance. They must have had a lot of fun with that. I'm sure all of them would have agreed right from the start that Zidane was not going to just go say "Hi, I'm alive," to Garnet. That wouldn't be nearly as fun.

And it's so cute how Garnet is trying to be polite while she's running past all the viewers. The animation for that scene is so beautiful. The bestest part is when she hugs him and he gives her his, "well, I'm back," smile, and then she hits him. Sooooo cute!

And the little bit with Cid and Eiko makes me cry. So sweet.

Man, I love this game. Once upon a time about a year and a half ago, we had a dream with a friend of ours to write out the rest of I Want to be Your Canary, and come up with a basic storyline for Moogle Wannabe so we could write Moogle Wannabe 2, and cosplay Tantalus and perform the shows at AX. I was about to say that the hardest part would be getting a Lowell, but it would probably be hard to get anyone... except at the time we already had Zidane (me), Blank (Athena), Ruby (our friend), and even Baku (her friend). Except we didn't have any costumes. But then our life went insane, so the plans fell through. It would have been awesome though. Ah well. Maybe someday.

And tonight, I'm thankful for Square-Enix, happy endings, credits that show all the pretty rendered scenes from the game, Star Wars quotes, and video games that aren't full-voice so we can read the parts.
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