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To blog or not to blog

Well, our schedule ran away with us again, but what else is new? I wanted to talk about the whole LiveJournal situation. I'm really not too worried about the new terms of service. I don't usually lock any posts, so everything here has been available for pretty much anybody to find all this time anyway. In fact, if I understand things right, LJ is trying to make it impossible to search anyway, so the new policies might actually make this blog more private, but it's possible I'm confused. I don't have the time to look into it right now.

What I am worried about is the fact that we were down to very few people who show any signs of posting on our friends' list, and they've decided enough is enough. That's their decision and I'm not going to fault them for it, but basically what it leaves Athena and me with is no place to go to make connections with the outside world. I mean, of course there's Facebook, but it's just not the same, you know?

So we're pretty undecided about what to do with our own LJ. It's a pretty handy place to keep records of the cool stuff we see, at like Disneyland and stuff, and I like to have those reports to go look back on. So I want to keep writing stuff up, but I wonder if it's time to do it somewhere else or if we should just stick around here because it's not like we're going to be making any connections on another blog community or anything. I just don't know what to do. And yesterday was our LiveJournal anniversary, too.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the first draft we worked on today, getting to watch Beverly Hillbillies for something cheerier, twelve years with a nifty enough blogging service (not that we've decided to give it up yet, just that those twelve years have been pretty good), Page being all cute again, and Elly's jaguar.
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