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Well, our workday turned out to be longer than planned. We had two simulpub chapters come along that we weren't expecting until tomorrow, and then UQ Holder! would not shut up. It was a fun chapter, though, so that was okay, except for about the fourth and fifth page, where we really wanted it to just stop. But it had a lot of one of our favorite characters, who is only rarely in it, so that was nice. We have so much to say about that guy, but the chapter hasn't gone live yet, so I'll just have to keep it to myself, and maybe I'll remember later.

Anyway. We just finished working, and now it's time to go to bed. Here's hoping things calm down a little bit now.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that thing that was taking the foreverest, getting to see a lot of a beloved character, having more food (we went grocery shopping today, too), finally beating Master Ira (we took a Kingdom Hearts break while we waited for dinner to cook), Page being so super cute right now, and the hope of a slightly more manageable schedule in the near future.
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