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A lovely weekend

This weekend has been a really good one so far. As usual, there were a lot of great talks at General Conference. I was most excited to hear Elder Dale G. Renlund talk about differentiating between sin and one who commits sin. I've seen more than one article recently-ish talking about how the idea of "love the sinner hate the sin" is so erroneous that I was happy to hear someone talk about how it is possible (although he was wise enough not to use the exact phrase).

I think of it like Frozen. While my loathing of it has cooled, there was a time when just the thought of it filled me with rage. To me personally, loving Frozen was something like sin (I know it's unreasonable; let me just say it represents to me the ongoing deterioration of quality in Disney storytelling--whether you agree or not is up to you, but just understand that I have my reasons). Nevertheless, I understand that people enjoy Frozen, and I can still be friends with people who like it. This may be an oversimplified example, but all I'm saying is, I think it is possible to love someone without loving everything they do.

Anyway, there was one talk about overcoming the world, and it said, almost in passing, that overcoming the world is not to live a cloistered life, and that, I think, is the main trigger for our decision to go hang out at Downtown Disney yesterday evening. We spent a lot of time deliberating about it, though, because we were pretty tired. Nevertheless, we went, and it was lovely. We ended up going to Earl of Sandwich for dinner, where we also bought some chocolate chip cookies for dessert, but since that wasn't exactly a fancy dessert, we bought some peanut butter fudge at Marceline's to save for later. We also got pulled into a magician's act, which was kind of unusual. Performers do seem to notice us, but they never ask us to volunteer. My theory is that usually they only need one volunteer, and since they don't want to risk the dangers of picking only one of us, they choose Gaston instead. But Gaston wasn't with us, I figured we were safe until he said he wanted two volunteers, and then I knew we were in trouble. It's kind of a weird thing with me; I want the performers to notice me, but I don't necessarily want to go up on stage. Anyway, we were in charge of holding up a handkerchief while the magician tried to uncuff himself.

And we had almost forgotten that this weekend is WonderCon, which is why we didn't think to put on our Kingdom Hearts costumes and hang out at the convention center, but the main point is, because it is WonderCon weekend, we came across a lot of con-goers as we walked to and from Downtown Disney, and as expected, a fair amount of them were cosplaying. Our favorite was a couple(?) (I mean, they were definitely a couple in the sense of being two people, but in the sense of being two people who are in a romantic relationship...who can say?) dressed as King and Elaine from The Seven Deadly Sins. Her dress was so white and flowy...

It made us want to cosplay again. We're always so wistful about that. At the rate we're going, I seriously doubt we have time to make new costumes for Anime Expo, but I think Chip and Dale still have some life in them. We're thinking we may have to do something about the Hiyori/Yatori costumes, though, if we don't want people to keep assuming we're the twins from The Shining. The outfits look almost nothing alike--the only similarity is that the sleeves are light blue, and we have brown hair with bangs--which really only tells me that people pay about as much attention to visual details as I do. You know, when I'm not planning to cosplay the character.

Anyway, the other thing about that is we're actually considering going to Comic-Con this year. We still haven't decided if we're going to take the plunge or not--it mostly depends on whether or not we think we can afford it after taxes. But we're considering it.

And because I love it so much, I also wanted to mention that we put our Out of Shadowland soundtrack in the CD player for our alarm this morning. Lots of good stuff this weekend.

Today I'm thankful for another great General Conference, important reminders to try to see people as Jesus would, getting to see a bunch of WonderCon cosplayers, having a nice time at Downtown Disney (we looked around the Lego store and saw all kinds of neat things), and getting to listen to our Out of Shadowland soundtrack again.
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