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Athena tells me she woke up from a creepy dream this morning when it was still dark to hear a rustling noise. We do have a tree outside our window, but she kept hearing it from different places, none of which sounded like outside. Then suddenly, there was something on her bed! It was Oreo, with the handle to a plastic grocery bag stuck around his chest. Aww, poor kitty. This is why you always have to remember to cut the plastic rings.

So Athena rescued Oreo from the plastic bag, and then he lied down on top of her, but she couldn't get back to sleep because her blanket wasn't covering her enough, and trying to pull a blanket out from under Oreo is no easy task, let me tell you.

Tonight, we're going to beat Final Fantasy IX. Maybe. Depends on how long it takes to get through the last two places. We were listening to a CD of Final Fantasy music our friend had made for us a couple years ago, and it really made us want to have like a Final Fantasy marathon or something. And it reminded me how much I really want to cosplay FFIX. I don't know if that's ever going to happen, since it would be so much more awesome with a group, but hey, maybe we'll be Zorn and Thorn, and then we can get creepy clown makeup and stuff. And they have adorable costumes. And they're the pair that makes the most sense to be wandering around just the two of them. The one that's not a romantic couple. I guess we could be like Marcus and Cinna, as Athena points out, but again, Zorn and Thorn have cuter costumes. They'd work better if we could do handsprings, though. I wonder if we can learn to do that...
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