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Duly notarized

As expected, today was very very busy. It was also adventurous! We had to go out and find a notary. In all our years translating, we've never had to get anything notarized before, but today was the day. It was a little awkward, because basically what notarization entails is showing the notary your ID, signing a contract in his or her presence, and then waiting around while the notary fills out some other paperwork. But the notary was very nice, which in a way made it better because who wants to stick around with a meanie, and in a way makes it worse because he's a nice guy so you don't want to be a jerk by standing around with nothing to say.

Nevertheless, the process went smoothly, and then our friend kept asking if there was anything else we wanted to do while we were out and about, and since we don't know where the local creperies are, we defaulted to Joe's Italian Ice. Would it have been better to go home and have more time to work? Yes, if work was the only important thing in life. But it's not, so we had Italian ice, and it was very tasty. It was something like strawberry mango kiwi peach flavor. They called it "peach fusion," so we asked what all was in it, and I think that's what the employee said.

And now we need to go to bed. Today I'm thankful for friendly notaries, friendly friends who take you out to Joe's, finishing another chapter of Farewell My Dear Cramer (there was one line that we could not for the life of us figure out what it meant, because we know nothing about sports, so we're very sorry if we got it wrong...also, there may be some dialect issues. it's great that Arakawa-sensei included an otome series, but did it have to be a jidai-geki? Couldn't he have gone the typical idol unit route? (no, because then they would talk like normal people, and that's not as fun; sigh)), Tuesdays being pretty good for building momentum, and Page not going all out in her tentative attack on the Sailor Moon figure.
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