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If you guessed that we didn't update yesterday because we were busy, you guessed right! Saturdays are tough, because we can't shake this idea that they're a bit of a day off...scratch that, we ditched that idea a long time ago. But somehow there always seems to be less time in them than we need. It's like we sleep in a couple of hours and lose the whole day.

But yesterday it made a little more sense. First off, there was the women's session of General Conference. It was a really lovely meeting, and there was one talk, or part of a talk, that stood out to me because the speaker told a story about a woman who was going through chemotherapy and it was approximately the worst thing ever, and when she'd just about had enough, she gave her husband a long spiel about how she was done, she wasn't going to do it anymore, it was too much, the end. And her husband said, "Well, let's find somebody to serve." And at first she was like, "ExCUSE me!?" But then she did it, and on the few days a month when she could barely manage to function like a normal human being, she was helping people. And as she did that, she realized that that was what made the whole thing bearable, was thinking about other people. Naturally, this story stood out to me because I recognized it as something I needed to learn--to think more about others than myself. So I'm typing it all up here as an added reminder in the hopes it will stick, at least a little.

The other thing that took all our time yesterday was work. This thing we're working on has turned out to be much harder than expected. The progress we're making on it is ridiculously slow. It's kind of like Noragami, in that we'll come across a line, and it really seems like a very simple line, and yet somehow it's impossible to translate in "just the right way." So now we're trying to figure out the balance between "getting it just right" and "not overthinking it." In the meantime, it's technically due on Friday, which is doable, but the thing after that is due on Monday, which may or may not be doable at our current rate of "this will get it done by Wednesday if we're lucky." So we're still trying to figure that out, but for now it's Sunday, the day of rest, so we're not worrying about it too much. Just consider this a heads-up that LJ posts may be exceptionally brief all this week.

And in random other news, I finally pulled out the Sailor Moon figure I got for Christmas and put her on display. I'd left her in the box because our current setup is such that the only good places to put her were places where we would be seeing under her skirt whenever we looked at her, and call me old-fashioned, but I'm just not interested in that sort of display. This is where things get a little muddled for me as far as feminism is concerned, because on the one hand, I get not policing women's clothing, but on the other hand, it seems awfully male-gazey to me. I mean, come on, Ken Akamatsu of all people got his start drawing Sailor Moon dojinshi. So yeah, I'm not going to rant about how Sailor Moon needs to wear a longer skirt, but you can't deny that the short skirt's going to appeal to a lot of less-than-feminist men.

Anyway. The figure is super cute anyway, and I was looking at it today and thinking gosh I'd like to take it out of the box. So I did, and now here I am, looking up her skirt. Maybe someday we'll rearrange things so that we can put her on a lower shelf.

And the other very important development is that we finally got ourselves a stash of cookies. I think it's all the work we've been doing lately that's had us craving sugar (more than one piece of Japanese entertainment will tell you that brainwork makes you crave sweets), so there had been much lamenting over the dearth of cookies in our home. So when we went grocery shopping, we picked up a package of chocolate chip cookies from the bakery, a box of Famous Amos, a thing of frozen cookie, and two packages of Milanos. Hopefully those will keep us supplied for a while.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see the Sailor Moon figure out of its box (these figures really put some of the Disney figurines we see at Disneyland to shame), having cookies, a lovely session of General Conference, reminders not to be so selfish, and getting a break from teaching Primary.
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