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Alethea & Athena
The song that never ends 
24th-Mar-2017 10:09 pm
kid flash
Our day was eaten by work once again. All these time-consuming projects, man. It was pretty fun, though, so it didn't wear us out as much as it could have. And! we finally got the March YumeTwins box the other day, and we opened it last night, and it has a super cute plush of a meditating rooster. (Apparently it's meditating to bring us luck. In the sense that a positive attitude, while not the cure for everything, does tend to improve your life, maybe it works! But we put it back in the box for now, because it's what we do with new things. Which raises the question, "Why get new things?" In the hopes that someday we'll have a place to put them where we can enjoy them more properly?)

Today I'm thankful for super cute meditating rooster plushes (it has a jingle bell around its neck, too!), having a lot of fun at work today even though we made very slow progress, Page sitting on Athena's lap, remembering to open the door and check for today's package before the neighborhood cats found it (the books weren't shrink-wrapped and there was a hole in the envelope), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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