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Today has been a pretty bizarre day. It started out being on a weird-ish schedule because we were supposed to have the missionaries over for dinner, and that meant we had to keep an eye on the clock as the workday went on, and whenever we have to be careful about time, our motivation plummets. So instead of doing the work that has a deadline, we did a translation test for another company! Because what we need is more work, right? (Note for people new to our blog: we do not need more work.)

Then the missionaries had to cancel (one of them was sick, poor girl). They called right as I was ordering the pizza, which meant we could have saved ourselves some money and had a regular dinner...but we really wanted to order pizza, so we did anyway. I think that was a good call, because what with all the wearing ourselves out, I don't think we've been giving ourselves enough fuel. We managed to finish a whole large pizza and still have room for dessert, which is kind of unusual.

And then we got back from dinner and had the results of our translation test, which were very complimentary, so that made us feel good. There might be a little bit of dread as I consider our work schedule (we probably ought to work some more tonight, as a matter of fact, but despite our big dinner, it's hard to shift our brains into the right gear just now). But there was a meme on Facebook with an animated gif of Ariel, and the text above the gif said, "You have plenty of books already," and it's the bit from "Part of that World" where she sings, "I want more..." and we were like, "Apparently that's us and work."

But the thing is we started Thor's path in Kamigami no Asobi InFinite, like, a week or more ago? We don't even know, it was that long ago. And obviously we haven't talked about it yet or why would I bring it up like it's a new thing?

So the big question is, do I remember a single thing that happened so far?

Anubis was in it! That's really the only important thing to remember. ...Wait, I'm sorry, Thor! He's pretty cute in and of himself, but you know we just love Anubis. So here's what happens. As the story usually begins, only less than half of the gods are going to class. This time, Dionysus is actually going to class, so he's all, "Greek gods for the win!" because Hades was going to class, too, which was also a bit of a surprise, but he's pretty majime, so it makes sense when he's not all, "Woe is me, I curse everyone I touch." But anyway, Yui was worried, as usual, because unless she can get everyone to go to class, they're all going to be doomed to fail.

In Didi's story, all she had to do was tell everybody to talk to their roommates and it worked (except for Didi; the Greek gods totally failed in that version). In this one, she suggests they talk to their roommates, but they're all like, "Uh, we shouldn't force anybody to do anything, and that's not going to work anyway." And I was like, "Wow, guys, thanks for your help. Useless bunch of..." So Yui's all on her own, and she decides to start by working on Takeru, because she got Tsukito to tell her that he's an athlete, and as a practitioner of iaido, that's something she can relate to. So she learns more about Susa-no-o and ways to woo him to the school, and manages to convince him not only to attend regularly, but to join the kendo team and the astronomy club (did we ever mention he has kind of a mancrush on Hades? and Hades is the president of the astronomy club). Major success there.

And! This is the best part! While she was in the library researching Susanoo, she kept running into Anubis, and when he learned she could understand him, he thought she was the coolest, so he attached himself to her like a puppy. He found out he could spend more time with her if he went to class, so he started going to class. And he's sooooooooooo cute! So so so soooooo cute!

So now she's gotten everybody but Thor and Loki to start actually going to school, and Balder is completely and utterly useless in rectifying this problem. Fortunately, Anubis has good eyesight, and he noticed Thor in the quad. That's where it got sad, because Yui is hyperfocused and she had to excuse herself and run after Thor instead of hanging out with Anubis. Anubis understood, but we had to say goodbye, and that made us sad.

Well, when Yui finally catches up to Thor, she learns that he's searching for Loki. Well, that's perfect for her--she can get two birds with one stone. Except that Loki is impossible to find. But after searching together, they have dinner together and Thor had such a lovely time that...I don't remember, but she convinces him to go to class. Oh right, now we remember. Yui tells Thor that he has to go to class or else he can't graduate, and he's all, "That's okay, I'm not really a student; I'm just here to keep an eye on Loki." And she's all, "Then why do you have a fetter like everybody else?" And he's all, "To blend in." And she's all, "Are you sure?" And he's all, "Yes." And she's all, "I'm gonna check with Zeus." And he's all, "Fine. Let's go." And Zeus is all, "Yeeeah, that's how it was at first, but you may notice you can't take it off anymore? That's because you have some kind of a problem, too, so you're going to have to graduate with the rest of them." And Thor is all, "*shock*!!" I should probably point out that Thor was shocked, he didn't shock Zeus. Wow, they are both thunder gods. Cool.

So now Thor's all bummed because he has to be a student, too, and he starts going to class, but he and Yui still look for Loki after class because Loki gets super bummed out if Thor doesn't come back to the dorms and say, "I looked all over for you!" and because Thor is a big fat enabler. I think that's the problem he needs to solve to graduate. (Oh, and Thor doesn't want to lie when he tells Loki he looked everywhere. And Loki's probably watching him the whole time, so he would know. And Balder remains the most useless of the useless. They're like, "I think he went this way!" and follow his scent to the student council room, where they meet none other than Balder, who says, "Oh, you just missed him!" and we're like, "Stop him, maybe?")

But then! Loki starts making Thor ask Yui questions. And the first one is, "What is a human?" which was such a broad and simultaneously deep question that she was completely blindsided by the next question, which was, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Yui couldn't help but notice the strange reaction Thor had when she answered no. And then he asked what a boyfriend was to her, and she said "somebody special" and then he FREAKED OUT, and we were like, "Whoa! What is THAT about?" Apparently he really hates the word special. He said as much, but man, he REALLY hates that word. And now we know that his problem most likely has something to do with that.

Throughout all this, Loki is being himself. He came to class once, and Yui was overjoyed! Then he looked her over, asked her some inane question, said, "Okay, I've seen you. My work here is done." And left, never to be seen in class again. So she and Thor decided they need to lure him to school...with a dodgeball tournament! Yay! They taunted us by mentioning that the Egyptian gods were on the same team as the Norse gods--you know, Loki and Thor's team--but Anubis didn't get to do anything! We were sad. And Yui was sad, too, because it wasn't long before Loki said, "Okay, I'm out," and used a smoke bomb to escape. It was a big bummer all around.

The only other thing I remember before the very important scene that I will soon relate, is that Yui and Thor had dinner together a couple of times, and Thor really enjoyed himself because, while Yui was flabbergasted by the sheer amount of food he ate, she didn't mock him about his food choices. He really likes cheese in this game.

But anyway! Thor and Yui were out walking for some reason that I don't remember, and I think they were being sad about their bleak graduation prospects... Right, because Zeus had called them to his office and told them in no uncertain terms that if they can't get Loki to class, everyone will fail. Dun dun DUN!

So they were out on a walk being sad. And Thor said to Yui that Loki told him to ask her if she's ever been on a date. She said no, and he said, "Could this walk count as a date?" and she said no because...they were friends? or something? It just didn't count. And he was subtly bummed about that. And then! he saw something! And he says, "...Loki! Wait here." And he runs off.

So Yui's standing there waiting, and Thor comes back, and Yui's like, "That was fast!" and we were like, "It's Loki, isn't it?" And "Thor" talks to her for a while, and is acting a little unusual, and there's a hug, I think? It was so long ago, we don't remember how it went, but "Thor" hugged Yui for some reason. And while that was going on...Thor came back! What! Two Thors!? And Thor says, "How many times do I have to tell you--some jokes are okay, and some jokes are not okay!?" And "Thor" says well I guess the cat's out of the bag, and transforms into *shock and amaze* Loki.

Then Loki says something along the lines of he'll go to class if Yui will date him. And Yui and Thor are like, "What!?" and he's like, "I'm supposed to learn about loving humans, aren't I?" And Thor is visibly upset about this, and even Yui wants to protest, but then! the Thread of Fate appears! Oh no! Ahhhh! This is too sad!

We actually did have enough points to head down the romantic path, which was surprising, because we were not getting any points with our answers to things, but we don't want to do that first, so we broke our own hearts by telling Thor, sorry, dude, we're going with Loki. And we walked with Loki for a little while and I think he said something...oh yeah, he was like, "This isn't fun anymore. You can just go now." And now Yui is even more lost, and we're bummed because we had to do that to Thor (it's better to get it out of the way, so when you come back after a happy ending, you don't have to break his heart then). But then it was bedtime, so we put the game down and haven't gotten back to it since.

So Thor's story is pretty fun. Maybe someday we'll get back to it...

Today I'm thankful for highly complimentary test results, getting to feast on pizza, at least finishing our first draft of In/Spectre, discovering that Kaji-kun plays more banana cats than just Bananya (still don't know if he plays the one we got a plush of, though), and cookies.
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