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Once again our day was eaten by poor scheduling. On the bright side, we got a first draft of Fire Force done! And we went to Target to get some things, including socks. We keep wearing out our socks because when we have worn out socks, we think, oh boy, we better get some more socks, so we pick some up at the grocery store, only the grocery store isn't really a sock vendor, so they never have socks big enough for our gigantic feet. So this time, we went to Target and made sure to pick up socks that are actually our size, so hopefully they'll last longer. We also got some new Easter candy to try!

Other than that, the day was mostly uneventful, but this volume of Fire Force is pretty awesome. Oh and Gaston called, so we'll probably disappear again tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another first draft, having socks that should fit, having some new Easter candy to try, Nesquik, and our friend driving us to Target (we could have walked, but we also needed kitty litter; Page doesn't take kindly to the lightweight stuff).
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