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Alethea & Athena
9th-Mar-2017 05:51 pm

Thanks, I needed that. I'm not sure it's enough to just type it, though. It's just been one of those days. We've been trying to cultivate an attitude of optimism, so I...'m not sure how that's going to factor into any of this, or if this is going to really hurt those chances or what, but today has just been one of those days. It started off with editing, which is always something we tend to go into with a sense of impending doom, and that's kind of silly because it's probably more than half of our job with our current methods, so it's like just get over it and do it, okay? Okay, but today it was for First Love Monster, which, given the low text density, can actually be a pretty easy work day (especially if you factor in our heavily increased apathy...but we do try to get over that), unless! there are a lot of puns. And guess what. Yup. There were a lot of puns. It was pretty bad.

But! those were in the second half of the book, mostly, so we hadn't had to deal with them too much by lunch time. Things were actually looking pretty good, and the biggest hardship by then was that we just don't like the series that much, and we knew the puns were coming. And these are things that you just get over and work through and it's really no big deal. But they turned out to be a lot harder to deal with when we were hit with some news that really made us want to just go hide inside some video games. We were thiiiiiiis close to blowing it all off today. We had already started our day by watching the Noragami festival video to help lighten the mood and decrease the lack of motivation, but we had to watch it again after this, because it was...well, I guess technically I can't say it's bad news yet. Let me just stop the suspense.

They're changing Fantasmic!. Our favoritest of favorite things, the one thing US Disneyland was still doing better than Tokyo Disneyland, and they're changing it. And I think it's an indication of how low our faith in the current Disney regime has gotten that we immediately read the article instead of saying, "No! I want to be surprised!"

First, they're changing the music. Immediately I'm worried. One of the worst things about DisneySea's Fantasmic! was the music, and not necessarily because it's bad music, per se, but because it just doesn't work! As I've mentioned before, the real Fantasmic! has two main themes, and they were written to work together. DisneySea's Fantasmic! removes one of the themes and replaces it with a song that I assume was designed to be "more modern," which is exactly what the report said the new music for Fantasmic!! (now it has two exclamation points, as if that will make up for the destroying of my dreams) is aiming to be. Apparently somebody missed the memo that Disney lasted this long by being timeless, but I guess they lost that memo a long time ago.

...And I should stop ranting so hard, because I haven't seen the new one yet, and for all I know it's really good. But we also noticed that they're replacing part of the Jungle Book segment with a Lion King segment, and they're adding an Aladdin segment, and both of those things reminded us of the Fantasmic! in Tokyo, which, as previously stated, is not as good as the original Fantasmic!. But again, for all we know, it's really good.

They're also replacing one of the best segments--the Peter Pan segment--with a Pirates of the Caribbean segment. And we're thinking, "Good, because our nephews didn't have enough scary attractions to deter them." They might put some cool stunts in it, to give them the benefit of the doubt, but you kind of need something lighthearted for the kids who, like our nephews, and like us when we were their age, don't want to be scared for the majority of the show. Also, apparently they're trying to use their projection mapping technology for it, and I don't think I've really talked a whole lot about that particular technology, but it has never really succeeded in impressing me. And it seems like it would be nearly impossible to get it to look good on live performers in every show.

But let's stop ranting about it in too much detail, because it really isn't fair when we haven't seen it yet. I will just say this, though. Every time they've tried to "upgrade" Fantasmic! in the past, it's resulted in a slightly less awesome show. One of my greatest fears with this whole overhaul of the Rivers of America was that they'd try to do something to "upgrade" Fantasmic! again, and now it's being realized in a big way. I feel like the universe is trying to remove all the lingering attachment we have for this Disneyland, so we can either move to Japan or forget about it entirely and move to some other state where housing is cheaper.

And I still haven't talked about our Gaston encounter last week. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for being finished with First Love Monster until the next volume comes out in Japan, the next volume not being scheduled to come out until the end of the year, good memories of the real Fantasmic!, having the real Fantasmic! soundtrack on CD so at least we can listen to it again if not see it, and Out of Shadowland.
10th-Mar-2017 02:58 am (UTC)
Oh no. I'm sorry you had a rough day :( I hope you have a relaxing evening and a better day tomorrow.
11th-Mar-2017 12:32 am (UTC)
Haha, thanks.
11th-Mar-2017 02:49 pm (UTC)
Awwwww!!! :( I'm sorry they're changing it! Change is stupid sometimes and it's totally understandable you're unhappy. The small consolation is that you got to enjoy the show as it was (or with minor changes...) for so many years...? Most live performances seem like they're intended to run for a limited time (whether a week or a couple years), and even the same musical or play will have different actors, directors, sets, costumes... Still though, I can see how it's upsetting when you expect a thing to keep going on the same way forever and it suddenly doesn't. You mentioned the soundtrack, but do they sell filmed versions of their shows? I know it's not the same as seeing it live, but...

If you ever need to get away you're always welcome to Michigan :) (I'm sure there are several other places you'd move to before Michigan, but hey.)
11th-Mar-2017 06:53 pm (UTC)
It's the worst! It's like, let's say someone saw the Tokyo Disneyland Fantasmic!, and they were like, "Come on guys, I saw Fantasmic! and it's not even that great." (Which might be unlikely, because we know some people love the Japanese Fantasmic!, and we know people love even boringer nighttime spectaculars, but we feel that way about it, so.) Then we would be like, "No, dude, you totally have to see the original Fantasmic! in California. It's one of the most magical things ever." Only now I don't know if it's possible. We know you can get a DVD or Blu-ray set of past shows from DisneySea, but we've never seen anything like that for good ol' Disneyland, California. ...Wait, I take that back. They did, once, sell VHS versions of the Electrical Parade. So there might be a chance, but dang, that was over twenty years ago.

On the other hand, back when Fantasmic! started in 1992, it was supposed to be a limited time thing, so it's true, we are very blessed to have been able to see it as many times as we have. I would only be mildly disappointed if the current regime had any kind of a decent track record with nighttime spectaculars. ...No, I take that back. A decent track record wouldn't be good enough. Fantasmic! was amazing. And they're changing the music, which means they're changing the choreography, which means the odds of music/visual synchronization have just gone down astronomically. And it was so perfect before. So perfect.

Ooh, thanks for the invitation! We actually haven't figured out where we might want to go if we go anywhere. But we did just renew our lease, so it won't be for almost a year at least. (That'll give us time to assess the damage.)
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