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But where's Kid Flash♥?

Today has certainly been interesting. We had been planning to do our usual Saturday morning routine (minus Eyeshield21, because they went on hiatus for New Year's *pout*), and then alternate between catching up on the rest of our anime and working until it was time to play video games. And of course, watching the new episode of Teen Titans was in the plan.

The plans were slightly frustrated when our visiting teacher called and invited us on a picnic. Normally, we would have pleaded short notice and tried to get out of it, mostly because the timing was bad, but she's moving to Sacramento next week-ish, so it might very well have been our last chance to get together. The weather was nice, though a little chilly, and the picnic was very pleasant with frosties from Wendy's. And on the way home we got to stop by the 99cents Only store to get some soap, since we were out and we forgot to get some when we went yesterday. So overall, it was a very pleasant morning.

When we got back, we watched some anime and managed to get a little bit of work done before Teen Titans. Tonight's episode actually made me a little mad, but that might just be because they said right at the beginning that the Kid Flash♥ wasn't going to be in it. Okay, so they didn't say that exactly, but they listed all the people they'd given communicators to, and Kid Flash♥ was on the list, so we figured he wouldn't be showing up. It was a cute picture of him though.

That made me a little more upset, though, because Kid Flash♥ didn't get his communicator in the episode he showed up in, so saying that they gave him a communicator was saying that there was Kid Flash♥ stuff that they could have animated and didn't. It was probably just along the lines of, "Here, we want you to have this communicator," "Cool! Thanks!" and the Titans going off to distribute more communicators.

The other reason it made me mad was that it kept reminding me of Robin's Big Mistake, and I really thought Robin was smarter than that. Back in the episode where he made the mistake, I hoped he was smarter than that, but, as Athena points out, he hadn't been watching the episode, so it wouldn't have been quite as obvious. I did appreciate the one little bit where he realized what he'd done, and he spent a second to angst over it and then immediately started working to solve the problem. That's why I love Robin.

But now the stage is set for Kid Flash♥ to come help save the day, which would be awesome. Though if I were to bet money, I would bet that Red X would be the biggest hero. I could be wrong though. Either way, I'd be happy. But sad that it looks like Robin's not going to be in it so much.

Jericho! According to that one Teen Titans quiz, and all the notes on the first episode with Wildebeest at, Jericho is Wildebeest. But the Brotherhood of Evil has Wildebeest. But not Jericho. *shakes head in mild yet indifferent confusion* Oh well. He is exceedingly cute though.

Seriously, it's like they got the same guy to play Quatre in Gundam Wing, Shimon and all his later incarnations in HaruToki, Fong in Cluster Edge, Winner in Karin, Nicol in Gundam Seed (after spending too much time in chlorinated water), and now Jericho in Teen Titans. They all look the same! There's gotta be a fanfic or fanart in there somewhere.

Oh! And the Kid Flash♥ episode is going to be on Miguzi on Wednesday! And a new Danny Phantom on Friday! And an hour-long special of Eyeshield 21! Yay! I'm excited!

Tonight I'm thankful for picnics, Wendy's frosties, shoes, Jericho, and Castlevania games. Incidentally, we were playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night last night, and Athena went and got the bad ending, because it feels like you're not doing it right if you don't get the bad ending before you go on to get the decent ending (we still have yet to see the good ending), and we found out the voice actor we sent a letter to who went to BYU played the dark priest Shaft. Small world.

EDIT: We now have a Kid Flash♥ icon! This one might be temporary, depending on how creative and/or motivated we are to make a better one. We took the picture from here. I hope they don't mind us taking pictures...
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