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Alethea & Athena
The busyness continues 
7th-Mar-2017 09:43 pm
kid flash
We successfully finished phase two of our plan to get three translations done this week: the second draft of the first translation is complete! Huzzah! And actually, in retrospect, I realize that we probably had time to post about Disneyland's Gaston, but we were still in "get everything done" mode, so we worked on Kigurumi Defense Squad instead. The rough draft is almost finished, so if we can finish First Love Monster on schedule, we might even have time to play KamiAso this weekend!

Today I'm thankful for finishing the translation we were working on today, getting the invoice trouble we were having cleared up, work being on schedule so far this week, a funny video with celebrities auditioning to be Han Solo, and it being almost time to go to sleep.
8th-Mar-2017 06:07 pm (UTC)
Good job getting stuff done!!! Good luck with the rest of it! And also I'm so excited you're working on Kigurumi Defense Squad because theoretically that means I'll be working on it soon too! New series, hurray!!
8th-Mar-2017 08:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks! We just finished phases three and four and a half! Meaning we finished our first drafts of both First Love Monster and Kigurumi Defense Squad. We're enjoying it so far! I will warn you that it's not technically due for over a week, but since we have like four things due in the last week of March, we need to stay ahead of the game.
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