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Well, as expected time just flew away today! Things are actually going pretty well. We finished the first draft of our current project, so if we can finish the second draft tomorrow, we'll be right on schedule! This was a new series (no, you're probably not interested, even though it is adorable), so there was no telling how quickly it would go, and we were very grateful that it wasn't too time-consuming. In fact, we finished with enough time to get a bit of work done on a first draft for Kigurumi Defense Squad, which is good because if we can keep that up, and if the edit doesn't go too long, and if the second book we need to finish this week goes quickly enough, we can finish that one without working on Saturday. And that would be the best.

Today I'm thankful for this new series not being too time-consuming, the series also being pretty darn cute, getting to see Eleanor Audley on Beverly Hillbillies, the apricot rosemary loaf we tried yesterday not having any apricot chunks in it (it was pretty tasty), and getting our laundry done. And having a wonderful Family Home Evening lesson on optimism and positivity.
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