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Well, I said I'd write about Princess Tutu, so I should probably do that. I just keep putting it off because it feels like it'll take so much time, and I have a lot of other things to do.

Anyway, we'd known about Princess Tutu for a while, and there was some interest in seeing it, but then ADV got the rights and suddenly we didn't care anymore. But then, I don't even remember what it was--maybe someone's LJ icon--that we saw, and we noticed that the art style was similar to FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime. So we asked baranoneko if she knew whether or not Junichi Satou was involved in any way, and she looked it up and found out he did indeed direct it.

This actually explains why ADV got the rights, because they seem to have some sort of alliance with Satou-san, as they've picked up just about every single series he's worked on. It's a little confusing to me, too, because Junichi Satou, to me, represents all that is good and happy, and ADV represents all that is dark and evil. Okay, so not that extreme on either end, but it's something like that.

A long time ago, right about when we started learning about Japanese voice actors, a friend of ours told us that if you like a series, you shouldn't look for something with the same voice actors, but look at the stuff by the same creator. This is obvious once you think about it, because a voice actor can be in any crazy old thing, but the same creator is probably going to keep the same style of storytelling and stuff, so there's a greater probability of liking their other works. Still, the fact that Satou-san is one of our favorite animation directors isn't the main reason we wanted to see Princess Tutu.

The main reason was that Satou-san tends to use the same voice actors, and I was hoping to hear Hiro Shimono some more. As of the fifth episode, he's not in it, but Takahiro Sakurai (Fakir) is, and that makes it all better. He pulls off the evil attitude very well. He's also a voice actor that has worked for Satou-san before, as he was Sasame in Pretear. I was hoping that Shimono-san would be the prince, but the prince is so girly-looking, I'm actually just happy he's played by a guy at all. And! He's Naginyo in FushigiBoshi thing thing, which is a rather amusing contrast. Or, I think it is, but we haven't seen much of Mytho's personality yet.

We like serieses that involve classical music, because then we feel smart when we can recognize pieces. Princess Tutu is actually my favorite type of genre, because it's all fairytale-like. And, since stories are my favorite things, a story about stories is a story about my favorite things, so I have to love it♥

I feel like I should say more of the stuff I love about it, but I always have a hard time with that. Athena explained it to our home teacher like this (when we were talking about Beauty and the Beast on the way home from the play): we talk about the bad things and mistakes made because we want to see things use their full potential; we don't mention the good things because they go without saying. That's probably a cop out, since, to give constructive criticism, you have to point out the good things so they can be amplified and so you're not crushing anybody, but with fellow audience members, it should be fine. Or at least not as bad. Right?

Actually, the voice actor thing was only part of why we decided we had to see it. The other part was to check up on a theory of ours. We could have just asked Kat, since she's seen all of it, but it's much more fun to watch it play out ourselves without having a firm knowledge ahead of time. That, and we hate spoilers with a mad, unbridled passion, even if we've already guessed them.

One thing we've noticed about many (not all, but many) of Satou-san's works is that one of the guys either turns evil, or reveals that he's been evil the whole time. It's looking like Princess Tutu is going to keep this pattern up, and I wanted to post my speculations because if I'm right, it sounds dumb to say, "I knew the whole time," after the fact. Still, if you're reading this, and you know, please don't say anything!

The main thing is, just because Fakir is gay and a slave driver, and his hair looks like a raven, doesn't mean he's evil. Also, Drosselmeyer's already pointed out that not every story has a happy ending, which indicates that getting Mytho's heart back isn't necessarily going to be a happy thing. So I think that Mytho's going to turn out to be evil (or misled, or something), and probably be the villain for a while. That would be fun, I think. And if not, then, well, we need to work on our deductive reasoning, or something.

I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of Princess Tutu, but only the first half is out, so we figure we'd better pace ourselves. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about adding Hellboy to our Netflix queue, because our two favorite American cartoons are Teen Titans and Danny Phantom, and the one thing they have in common is Ron Perlman. And Tara Strong and the superhero thing. But whatever.

Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for neapolitan milkshakes, scenes in the crazy series where they're not singing, Princess Tutu, kitties watching TV with us, and pretty fireworks.
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