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No time for rest

We're alive! Just barely. Gaston mentioned that his friend from Hockey would be at Disneyland the same days as us, but he didn't make it clear that we would be spending a good deal of time with that friend, or that that friend had two small children. Of course, we don't mind either of those things except for the fact that we are constantly exhausted these days and Disneyland is three times as tiring with small children. We almost didn't make it. But the kids were cute.

Anyway, we also ended up staying at Disneyland longer than we expected, so then we got home and of course had two simulpub chapters to work on, and we'd already spent one of the two days we were given to do them in at Disneyland. And so we've been working pretty much nonstop ever since, except when we took breaks to eat (that's also when we let ourselves check Facebook).

Today I'm thankful for finishing those simulpub chapters (they were both pretty cool, too), finally getting to see a certain UQ Holder character again, making fairly decent progress on our other translation project, surviving Disneyland, and the Girl Scout cookies that helped us make it to our very late dinner.
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