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We have returned!

We're alive! Sorry for neglecting to post the last couple of days. All of our time was taken up working on Noragami. That series is hard, you guys. We were actually hoping to finish it on Friday, but that's what we get for going to Disneyland instead of working. And then, we had just almost barely finished the translation when it was time to go to a church activity. The activity was a lot of fun, though, and then we came home and wrote three notes that we decided we still needed. I have to tell you, there was a line that took us like half an hour to figure out, and the most frustrating thing about it is we knew one hundred percent what it meant, but we had no idea how to work it into any sort of coherent English sentence. Learn more about that in the review!

Anyway, we still have to tell you all about the Beauty and the Beast experiences they added at Disneyland! (By the way, in case you're wondering, we are not planning to see the new "live action" version in theaters. We're utterly biased against it, so we figured we'd spare everyone our bitterness by not having specific things to complain about. We're already bad enough about the trailer. "Really? You didn't read all of them just because some of them are in Greek? What kind of a weird pseudo-intellectual are you?" (Athena's read The Count of Monte Cristo, in which it was indicated that the educated nobles in France, around that same time, were expected to know Ancient Greek, possibly even before know modern Greek.) (Also, we're kind of against this whole "live action" remake trend, so we don't want to contribute any of our money directly to it.))

But! We also wanted to not neglect posting more pictures from our year-ago Japan trip. So I was thinking we'd save the Beauty and the Beast stuff for tomorrow, and post pictures today. Check them out here! This week's installment features One Man's Dream 2 and the Mediterranean Harbor at DisneySea!

Today I'm thankful for memories of One Man's Dream 2, finishing that Noragami translation (almost; we still want to go over it one more time before finalizing it), having a good time at the ward activity, the cake there not having cream cheese frosting, and getting a break from teaching Primary next week.
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