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Making life harder for ourselves

Oh man, we do like to torture ourselves. If we would just not go to Disneyland tomorrow, we'd be doing fine. As it is, we were dealing with dialects again. I sure hope the result is good, because boy howdy, it is hard work.

But anyway! we had a couple of amusing things happen. Well, one amusing thing and one not-so-amusing thing, but amusing in a sort of "that's so fitting" kind of way. See, we've been waiting for volume 18 of Noragami so that we could make sure our translation had all the right page numbers and, most importantly, because it's the only way to find the gag manga in the back to translate. Well, as we were working on that very series today, we heard our gate open and close, and realized there might have been a delivery, but since there wasn't a knock on the door, we kept working until the CD ended, during which time we forgot all about it.

But the important(?) thing is that the book came, and I didn't get it right away, so a neighborhood cat came along and peed on it. I'm not generally a fan of that kind of humor, but you have to admit, it sounds like just the kind of thing that would happen to Yato. And Yato is on the cover of this volume. Fortunately, they used a bubble-wrap envelope when they sent it, so nothing soaked through and the manga was safe inside, but we did have a minor panic attack when I found the cat in the patio trying to cover his mess with non-existent mess covering material.

The other amusing thing (and this actually happened yesterday, I think) is that we got an email from our project manager who handles the digital Kodansha stuff (you know, like UQ Holder! and stuff). She said she knows we're busy, but can we step in and translate a chapter of this series this month? First it was amusing because our schedule's already packed pretty tight but we said yes anyway, so we laugh and say, "Ha ha ha, we're doomed!" And second, it's amusing because the whole scenario could explain why they didn't ask us to translate Chihayafuru. We imagine that there's someone out there saying, "No you can't ask the Nibleys to translate that [referring to any series, really]! They will say yes, and they will die."

Okay, I exaggerated the last part because wordiness would have ruined the joke. Our actual imagined scenario was that the person was saying, "They will say yes even though they have nowhere near enough time to do everything!" That isn't entirely true, though. We do have time; just not enough time to have wiggle room, and there might have to be a little lost sleep.

The point is, our going theory is that if we don't get offered a title and later find out that they have it and somebody else is translating it, it's because they don't want to crush us with work. And since our tendency is to jump to the theory that they must just not like us that much anymore, it's nice to have a more positive one, even if it is an exaggeration. (It's probably more along the lines of, "I think the Nibleys are too busy; I mean, look at all the titles they're already doing for us.")

And the other amusing thing that happened is that we got an adorable phone call from our nephew who just turned three, which was very heartwarming and cute except for the part where he was like, "You weren't at my birthday party!" Eh heh heh...heh... (Technically no one invited us, so it's not our fault. ...But we probably wouldn't have gone anyway. Sorry, Nephew! (Athena says, "We might have. We could have played KamiAso on the train. ...And then we would have come home and died from work.")

Today I'm thankful for bubble-wrap envelopes, cats who use litter and not paper (every stinkin' time he sees any!), a super cute call from our nephew, old TV shows with Appalachian characters, and having plans to go to Disneyland tomorrow morning.
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