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That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! volume 3

As if our schedule weren't busy enough, we're about to sabotage ourselves again. Sort of. See, the new "limited time" Beauty and the Beast experiences at Disneyland officially start on Friday, and we definitely want to check them out! So it looks like we'll be taking Friday morning off of work. Fortunately, we're making not terrible progress on our current project, so we might not be totally doomed.

But now is the moment you've(?) all(?) been waiting(?) for! It's Review Rednesday! And this week we have the shojo favorite(?), That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, volume three! Spoiler level: moderate?

This volume made us want to pull our plushes from the Fox Village out of storage and display them on our desk while we worked. The beginning of it did, anyway. Rin wasn't actually in it much after that. Oh, but he was so cute. It was the classic shojo manga situation where the hero does something to hurt the heroine, and she runs off into the arms of another man, who says, "Hey, why don't you dump him and go out with me instead?" And she says, "Um...I don't think so." And he says, "...Oh. Okay."

That last part seems like a more unexpected twist, like I should be saying, "Any other manga would have had her say yes to get the love triangle drama going on!" But now that I think about it, I'm not so sure that's true. I noticed once, a long time ago, that people would talk about their favorite series, and be like, "And she decided to do THIS! Isn't that awesome!? Any other series, and she would have done the other thing!" And I, being contrary, would think, "What 'any other series' are you talking about? How much of anything have you read that has anything remotely resembling that situation?" I want to say in that case, it was a more specific situation, and in this case it's pretty general. Anyway, I don't know if any other series would have had Komugi agree to date Rin, but I will say that I did not expect her response.

Not that Nogiri-sensei threw out the love triangle thing. That is why Yata had to threaten warn Komugi to stay away, after all. But I also feel like it's unusual for the characters to actively try to just be friends like that...or maybe it's just unusual for them to try hard enough to succeed? Yamaken tried in My Little Monster, but he wasn't as successful.

So...I feel like this volume just went by so fast, like there wasn't a lot of story development. Of course that's not true at all; maybe I'm just sad because of Rin deprivation. He was so cute, though. (Did I say that earlier?) When Yu was being all stupid and wishy-washy and like, "You guys don't understand how special I am!" and he was all, "Get over yourself." Okay, so that's not exactly how it went down, but read the book and you can see it! It was great.

Yata is a mystery as usual. The prevailing theory is that he manipulated the whole situation with Yu, like maybe his mother really did fully intend to come back, but he hypnotized her so that she didn't, because he has some sort of ulterior motive in raising Yu himself. I mean, come on. She's at her wits' end because she doesn't know how to explain the ears and tail to other people, so when she runs into someone she just tells them, "Yeah, I left him in the mountains." Because that's not going to make you seem freakish at all. On the other hand, as explained in the translation notes, she did use a word that specifically indicated that she'd left him in someone else's care. Still... In the mountains?

And so of course then the big question is how did Komugi meet Yu in the mountains and what happened at that encounter? Inquiring minds want to know! But that's a story for the next volume.

The characters all continue to be pretty great. Senri gave us trouble, because when Yata refers to the four of them as a group, "them" is just too...blunt or something, and "those boys" doesn't work because his whole point is that they're not human, so my first thought was "those pups", which would have worked for every one of them except the cat. So I was like, "Why does there have to be a cat!?" It would have been fine if it was "Senri and the pups", but no, it was "Yu and the...whatevers". But then we did some Googling, which reminded us that oh yeah, big cats have cubs, just like most other large animals, so we can go with that. He's kind of a mysterious character, though, like it's hard to figure out what he's like. He mostly seems nice when he's around but never really around. Like a cat, I guess.

Aoshi's fun. I don't really have anything specific to say about that.

And I think that about covers it for this volume. The series continues to be cute and fun, and even when the characters are being annoying, it's in a way that's not really annoying. I definitely recommend it!

Aww, Wolf-Boy. What a nice series. And by the way, did you notice that volume three had the under-the-slipcover art from the Japanese volume? That's right, your wishes have been granted! You can thank the editor for that.

As for this weeks releases, you can all check out Corpse Party Omnibus 4, because I know that's totally your thing!</facetiousness> And tune in next week, for our review of First Love Monster 6!

Today I'm thankful for making decent enough progress on My Monster Secret today, having plans to check out some cool(?) Beauty and the Beast stuff at Disneyland soon, getting to reminisce about That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, getting a head start on one of our March assignments, and getting a new NMNL box.
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