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I've been trying not to skip posting so much, but we sat down to update earlier and I thought, "I don't have any idea what to write about." So we decided not to write anything. And it seemed like Page was tired of us being at the computer, because she sat on the floor out of reach and meowed at us like, "Why are you looking at the screen and not petting me?" So we thought, "Okay, let's just go do something else." But there's also a distinct possibility that she does like us to be at the computer so she can watch us jump through hoops and make ourselves uncomfortable in our efforts to please her. Who can say? (Page can, but unfortunately, we don't speak Cat.)

Today I'm thankful for a cat that cares about us (even if she's just trying to get us to care about her, that indicates some level of caring about us, right?), getting to play more KamiAso today (that Dionysus...), Page getting the hang of her No Bowl feeders (we think), dreams of going to the squirrel place in Tokyo, and sleep.
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