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And then there were two.

Celeste is officially leaving tomorrow morning, going back to Utah. It'll be nice to have things back to normal, but it was nice to have someone to kind of hang out with, even if it did wreak havoc with our schedule (if you could call what we have a schedule). So now it's just us and the cats again.

Meanwhile, Butch Hartman announced on his website that the movie he's been working on with Weinstein... something, the people who did Hoodwinked and used to be Miramax... is coming out in February! The trailer can be viewed here. It's called Doogal, and according to Mr. Hartman, it's based on an old European TV show. The biggest concern on the Butch Hartman forums is that it'll be a little too much of a kiddie movie. When I read those comments, I thought, "Dude, do you watch Fairly OddParents?" And then I noticed their Danny Phantom icons and signatures and realized they probably don't.

Personally, we don't think there's anything wrong with being kiddie, as long as something's not mindnumbing. For example, The Puzzle Place was awesome; Teletubbies are an abomination. Sesame Street before Elmo's World--awesome, Elmo's World--eeeeeeevil.

I'm also not sure I'd classify Fairly OddParents as "kiddie," since I haven't quite figured out what it means exactly, but it is made so that little kids can enjoy it. But you can also tell that it's made for Butch Hartman to enjoy it, since we just watched an episode where Anti-Cosmo was referring to Clarice, and I reeeeally doubt any little kids would get the Silence of the Lambs reference. And I think that Doogal will be similar.

To me, one of the most exciting things is that Jon Stewart is going to be in it, because that means that Butch Hartman might be on the Daily Show. That would be the awesomest thing ever.

Tonight I'm thankful for being able to have people over for sundaes, neat color chart thingies, extra blankets, cars, and bubbles.
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