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We are rather close to finishing the translation we were working on today--in fact, we only have about three pages of script left. But oh my goodness, there are so many words and we are so very tired and braindead. The script is relatively short for this series, but it's just as wide as ever, so it takes a lot of brain power to get through. And normally we would have stopped an hour ago, but I still feel bad that we didn't have it ready to turn in yesterday, when it was technically due. So maybe we'll finish it after dinner.

In the meantime...I don't know what to talk about. I was thinking about talking about a Controversial Topic today, but first we were braindead (metaphorically), and then we found out that Chihayafuru manga is legally available in English. This would have been great news if it had gone down the way we wanted it to, which was for them to ask us to translate it, and then we would have known all along and been happy that we can finally talk about it. But that's not how it went down, so we're kind of bummed. The timing is interesting, too, because just two days ago, I started reading the first of the two volumes of that very series that we bought last time we were in Japan...the day we were telling editors at Kodansha that we would love to translate it. But they're all very friendly at Kodansha, and I'm sure we're not the only translators who wanted the job.

It's funny how the negative can overshadow things like that. Just a few hours ago, we got a different new series. It's not Chihayafuru, but it's still good news!

...We need to go take a break.

Today I'm thankful for getting a new series assignment, being almost done with the translation we're working on, getting some salted caramel susans at Bread Day on Sunday, getting more rain this morning, and Missions of Love being soon on our schedule.
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