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Catching up

Today we're playing catch-up! Our editor emailed and said that the new deadline we suggested would be okay, but I still feel bad about the mix-up, so we're rushing to get this translation done ASAP! And in the meantime, I think I might have had some thoughts about that, but now that we've decided to call it a day (okay, so technically if we were going to finish it ASAP, we would keep working, but we do have to make sure not to overdo it), all those thoughts have flown away.

We did actually come close to making a random comment on Facebook or the Twitter. That would have been weird, if we'd actually gone back to Twitter. I feel like Twitter is a dangerous place, and yet I don't really see it being more dangerous than Facebook. But anyway, there was this guy and people kept talking about how somebody beat him in a direct confrontation, as opposed to, like, sneaking up on him or something, and it just would have been so much easier to translate a couple of lines to something about "killing him to his face," and we considered going onto social media and just saying something about wishing the phrase "kill [someone] to [his or her] face" was a normal thing to say in English. (Unfortunately, the facial expressions and tone of those conversations were not conducive to silly translations.) I think the main thing holding me back is I'm not sure even half our Facebook friends know that we're translators (and so wouldn't understand the comment), and Twitter is just a little too intimidating at this point.

Today I'm thankful for making fairly good progress on this translation, the deluxe jumbo cupcakes we got a Bread Day yesterday, being done with doing the laundry, the lovely rain we had most of the day, and not having rain when we were doing laundry.
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