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Alethea & Athena
Catching up 
6th-Feb-2017 06:19 pm
kid flash
Today we're playing catch-up! Our editor emailed and said that the new deadline we suggested would be okay, but I still feel bad about the mix-up, so we're rushing to get this translation done ASAP! And in the meantime, I think I might have had some thoughts about that, but now that we've decided to call it a day (okay, so technically if we were going to finish it ASAP, we would keep working, but we do have to make sure not to overdo it), all those thoughts have flown away.

We did actually come close to making a random comment on Facebook or the Twitter. That would have been weird, if we'd actually gone back to Twitter. I feel like Twitter is a dangerous place, and yet I don't really see it being more dangerous than Facebook. But anyway, there was this guy and people kept talking about how somebody beat him in a direct confrontation, as opposed to, like, sneaking up on him or something, and it just would have been so much easier to translate a couple of lines to something about "killing him to his face," and we considered going onto social media and just saying something about wishing the phrase "kill [someone] to [his or her] face" was a normal thing to say in English. (Unfortunately, the facial expressions and tone of those conversations were not conducive to silly translations.) I think the main thing holding me back is I'm not sure even half our Facebook friends know that we're translators (and so wouldn't understand the comment), and Twitter is just a little too intimidating at this point.

Today I'm thankful for making fairly good progress on this translation, the deluxe jumbo cupcakes we got a Bread Day yesterday, being done with doing the laundry, the lovely rain we had most of the day, and not having rain when we were doing laundry.
7th-Feb-2017 05:51 am (UTC)
Would "killing him face to face" work? That sounds a bit more normal in English.
7th-Feb-2017 02:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the suggestion! We actually already came up with a solution, but when we go over the final version, we'll consider it.
9th-Feb-2017 12:50 am (UTC)
...You just had to go and speed through that translation to get it done on time, huh? And now I gotta aim for the earlier of the two dates I offered for the book, even though I'm not likely to have time to start on it any sooner than I would've otherwise... Siiiiiigh...

(by the way, I'm not actually upset with you for doing your job well!! that would be absurd. i am a little annoyed with myself for having so much work all the time, but what can you do.)

Haha, I would've laughed if you posted about "killing him to his face" on facebook! (if you had posted on twitter, I probably wouldn't have seen it at all, because these days I am too busy to stalk people on twitter, especially people who don't use their account for years at a time :) ) But as it is, I laughed when you posted about it here :D

How do your friends on facebook not know you're translators though??? They should know! You should make a bigger deal about it! Or not, it's your call. I mean, I've told people over and over that I letter comics, and still whenever I post about a book I worked on, someone assumes I drew the whole thing... That's part of the reason why I have a separate friends list for people who at least have some idea what manga is, so that when I just have to share something nerdy on social media that I know will mystify a lot of people, I can share it with people who might get it and not confuse the rest of them.
9th-Feb-2017 02:51 pm (UTC)
We didn't get it done on time though! It was a day late! And it would have been even later if we hadn't worked on Saturday! Our editor emailed us on Friday to ask how far we'd gotten on it, and we hadn't even started on it, so we felt really bad. And actually, we weren't really planning to finish it on Tuesday, but we thought we might as well work for one more CD, and then by the time it was over, we were so close to the end that we figured we might as well just finish it.

Anyway, it did occur to us that it would result in more work for you, but we didn't really know what your schedule was like, so we just went along with the editor. He's pretty understanding, though, so if you're having trouble getting it done by the earlier date, he'd probably let you have more time.

Most of our Facebook friends are people we know from real life, and we don't usually talk about our job in real life because so few of the people we know in real life are fans of anime, let alone manga, so they're not really interested in the details. Or at least, that's been our experience when we try to go into detail. And even if they are kind enough to listen, it's usually pretty clear the next time it comes up that they didn't really register the information. So I guess they know we're translators, or that we work "in comics," but... I don't know. Maybe I didn't want to avoid confusion so much as the reminder of how little people care about such a big part of our lives.

...Sorry; that got gloomy. Anyway, it's good to know that somebody would have appreciated the joke.
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