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Right now we had a choice between updating LiveJournal and getting back to work, but Page has been dying to play with Athena, so in the interest of making that possible, we're updating LJ. See, work requires Athena to be holding a book, but if I'm typing up an LJ entry, Athena can hold a cat toy. So now she's swinging a cat toy back and forth and Page is in the doorway watching it.

That's the frustrating thing about playing with Page. I think she doesn't want to play so much as be entertained, and her idea of entertainment is to watch a cat toy moving around. I mean, sure, she'll chase it and bat at it and stuff, too, but sometimes she just likes to sit there and watch it. So she'll be sitting there for a minute or two, which feels like a pretty long time when all you're doing is waving a cat toy around, and you'll think, "Oh, I guess she's not interested anymore," and put the toy away, but then she'll look at you like, "What are you doing?" Other times (like right now), you won't necessarily be watching her as you wave the cat toy around, so you won't notice that she got up and walked away to get some food. That's the nature of a cat, I guess. To be unpredictable.

I do want to point out, though, that sometimes she will hop up on the desk just to get to the cat toy so she can let Athena know she wants to play with it. (I play with her, too, but when we're doing computer stuff, Athena does all the playing, and Page knows it.)

Page has been pretty adventurous today, too. Or maybe a better word would be bored? She spent a fair amount of time outside, and on her window perch (which you might think is just a regular hangout, and sometimes it is, but she's going through another phase where she only sits on it if she's bored)...and I feel like I was going somewhere with this when I started this paragraph, but I lost track of where. Anyway, now she's looking at exploring the closet and meowing at me because the conditions are not satisfactory. (Now I remember! She also "helped" with work by sitting on the laptop. That's where I was going with that.)

Anyway, work's a-waitin'!

Today I'm thankful for cat toys, making pretty good progress on work today, pages with lots of sound effects (we generally like those better on the second read-through), the yummy cookies we had for a snack, and super cute Page in the closet.
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