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Today has been very, very tiring. I did figure out that the reason I've been so sore today is because of that scavenger hunt yesterday though.

We've been working on getting more work. It's scary and tiring. We worked on a trial translation. It was crazy. But of all the sample texts this place had, this was the one we referred to as, "the one with all the kanji," so it makes sense that it was hard. So hopefully the others will be a breeze compared to this one.

We also watched the FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime Christmas special, and were reminded that we really need the Christmas album. Prince Bright sings a lot.

And now Celeste is here and I'm being boring, so I'd better go. I'm thankful for barrettes, trail mix with chocolate caramel bites, Celeste, scarves, and people who keep their promises. (PS: Thanks, Celeste, for helping me remember what I'm thankful for.)
Tags: futagohime, money issues

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