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Cool(?) mountain lion story

Today was uneventful, so now I can tell the story about the mountain lion! Maybe it's not that cool, but I thought it was interesting, anyway.

So we were at California Adventure, talking with one of the cast members about wild animals and the circle of life and how it's not always pretty and stuff like that, and for some reason mountain lions got brought up. Well, not only is the Gaston in the movie Beauty and the Beast a hunter, but our friend Gaston does some hunting, too, and he had a story about a mountain lion. (Several, actually, but only one of the ones he told was firsthand.)

One day, he was out hunting and he caught sight of some deer tracks. He followed the tracks for a while, and then he noticed that some mountain lion tracks had started overlapping them. It wasn't long before he came across the leftovers of the mountain lion's dinner. Well, now his hunt (of that particular deer) was over, so he turned around to go back. As he's following his own tracks back to where he came from, he noticed that there had been a mountain lion following him. It was that same mountain lion that realized he was tracking a deer, so it went around ahead of him and got the deer first. That sneaky little thief.

Then Gaston realizes he needs to answer the call of nature, so he puts his gun down and walks off to find a suitable spot. Only then did the mountain lion deign to show itself, because it knew he was unarmed. Needless to say, Gaston immediately went back to his gun and picked it up. Nowhere in the story did he mention shooting the mountain lion, which is a relief, because despite all the mountain lion horror stories that were going around (or mostly coming from Gaston, actually), I still just wished I could see the kitty. I mean, it's not like I would have tried to hug it or anything, and I think I would have stayed close to my armed friend, but I still wanted to see it. And all respect each other's personal space.

The moral of the story is mountain lions are super smart.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another translation, cool stories about mountain lions, the yummy peanut butter M&Ms we got to snack on, the weather being nice and warm, and very kind friends.
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