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Occupational hazards

There seems to be a rash of internet articles that post images of Japanese manga pages with English translations underneath them. ...Okay, so there have been two...that we know of. There might be more. But the point is, and maybe this is just an occupational hazard and a sign of our gigantic egos, but the problem with the ones we've seen, which we don't want to single out because it wouldn't be fair to the translators, is that the translations are not very good.

Well, the one was fairly accurate for the most part, if you're only talking about sterile information, and the other one was generally okay translation-wise, except that it seems to have mistranslation in kind of a key part of the script. And you'd think the responsible thing for us to do would be to comment, nicely, on these articles about how the translators could improve. But we're cowards (and the mistranslated one was posted a while ago, so I was like, "This article's so old, nobody cares anymore!"), so instead we come over here and talk about it in the privacy of our own LiveJournal.

And in all honesty, I cannot deny the possibility that part of my motivation in mentioning it at all is that my ability to spot the flaws in the other translators' work is proof to me that I have superior skills. Of course, I like to say that it's just that translation is a huge part of our lives, and so it interests us as a topic. And that's certainly not untrue. I haven't really thought about it much this time around. Mostly what I've thought about is how we really have been kicking around this idea to start reviewing manga translations and seeing how that goes.

So what am I doing here writing about thinking about doing it (again), instead of actually doing it? Well, today we actually have dinner plans (with the sister missionaries, assuming the plans were communicated properly), so we go back to the old excuse of not having time. But! I can at least go a step further today and tell you what we have done.

There was a time when I was actually motivated enough to track down our copies of My Heavenly Hockey Club! ...Or at least the ones that are easily located. And it turns out that our Japanese copies are fairly easily accessible, but our English copies are...somewhere? Anyway, some of you may remember that My Heavenly Hockey Club was going to be our first review, because if we're going to do this anyway, we might as well throw ourselves under the bus first.

Anyway, I did find out that both language versions of minima! volume four are within our grasp, so! if people would be interested in a translation review of that, maybe we can find some time to reread it in the near-ish future. Alternatively, our mother will be coming down for a visit very soon, and we could ask her to grab one of the English copies of My Heavenly Hockey Club that are sitting in her house. looks like this project may be moving forward, with very slow, very hesitant baby steps. At some point, we're going to have to figure out where we want to post these reviews...but I guess we might want to get some written first.

Today I'm thankful for the super cute little bird we saw while we were out getting the mail, making good progress on our edit today, having a lovely Relief Society activity last night that reminded us to look for things that make us happy, getting more rain last night, and having a visit from our mother to look forward to.
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