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Corpse Party Omnibus 3

It's that time again! Time for Review Rednesdays! And this week, we have everyone's very favorite series, Corpse Party! Spoiler level: pretty high, I guess.

Part 1:
Since we have three translations due between the first half of this Corpse Party omnibus and the second, we decided we'd review the two volumes separately, and we'll just stick them together when we review the series. Of course, one of those translations is already finished, and another is half-finished, but even one translation can make the memory fade faster, and we also have dentist appointments and things which won't help. Speaking of the dentist, I've had more than one person at the dental office comment on how I was either a good patient or a champ (my word, not theirs) throughout the procedures I've had done, and I only bring that up because it leads to a theory about Satoshi. Because it wasn't that I wasn't terrified of the dental procedures that I was such a good patient. It's because there was a time in my life when I was terrified of everything, and I learned to soldier through. So here we have Satoshi, the big scaredy-cat whenever his class is telling ghost stories, holding up better than anybody else through this whole thing. My theory is that it's something like the Joss Whedon version of the Hulk: he can control it because he's always angry. Satoshi can hold himself together during this whole ordeal because he's always scared.

Or not.

Anyway, this volume was nice because it wasn't very scary. For those of you not interested in reading the series but interested in reading the review, I'll sum up. We start with Yuuya being creepy, flashing back to his past where apparently he did sadistic things with bunnies because he hates his older siblings. Yuka finally gets to a bathroom, but she opts not to use it because it's full of dead people. Somebody hanging in every stall. (Maybe she did use it, but I don't think there were any empty stalls to make that a viable option. At this point we're both convinced she's going to come out of this with a kidney infection.) But that's okay, because Yuuya, who for some reason is thrilled to have his own little sister, is there to comfort her. Yay?

Meanwhile, Satoshi has been mysteriously transported to the faculty room, where he happens upon some Very Important Information about the murders that happened lo these many years ago. Most importantly, the girl in the red dress survived. That's weird, because she's totally a ghost here at the school. So what's the dealio? We don't get to find out, because Naho comes and says, "This isn't yours," and, after planting the seeds of doubt in Satoshi's mind, sends him to a different dimension...which happens to contain Naomi! Seiko is well and truly dead, I guess, but her ghost leads Satoshi to the same girl's bathroom, where he manages to rescue Naomi before she meets the exact same fate as Seiko. Together, the two of them set off in search of Yuka, but Naomi gets sick and Satoshi has to leave her in the exact same nurse's office where a mysterious black ghost almost killed her before. Fortunately, the ghost isn't there, but what IS there is Naomi's phone, which has a text from Seiko that makes Naomi think it's all her fault Seiko died, and she goes off to join Seiko and stay with her forever in an attempt to earn her forgiveness. Meanwhile, Satoshi finds Seiko's phone, which has an unsent message that explains that the last message was sent by accident and here, let me finish, and it was all very nice and happy except for Naomi already being ready to kill herself. Fortunately, Satoshi reaches her just in rescue her from a bazillion ghosts that are encouraging her to follow through on her "I'm going to be with Seiko forever" plan. He carries her away from ghosts and manages to show her the real text and snap her out of it just in time for the ghosts to find them and get serious about killing them. Just then Naho shows up and douses the whole place in what we assume to be holy water before she disappears. Cut to Ayumi waiting for Yoshiki and the volume ends.

Oh, and somewhere in there, we find that Yoshiki was hit on the head by the ghost of the sledgehammer-wielding murderer(?) and dragged to some shed where he was chained to a wall. The murderer(?) shows up and has a brief moment of lucidity before he goes crazy again and we cut to another scene.

And there you have it. Satoshi was really great in this volume, because he was able to take clues and put them together instead of being like, "Oh, it's Seiko's phone. What a nice message. Okay, back to the search for Yuka." And when he sets his mind to doing something, he does it! Also, he didn't freak out when he tripped on a corpse, which I like to attribute to his coming to terms with the fact that there are corpses everywhere so there's not much point in being surprised by every one of them. (Still not a scenario I'd ever want to find myself in.)

Naomi, on the other hand, was being very silly. I mean, I understand feeling guilty when someone close to you dies--we felt responsible when our cat Mimsy died. And she's going through a lot, so it's hard to maintain your sanity, but man. Like, maybe it would have been a good idea to stop and consider the possibilities before rushing to the conclusion that Seiko's death was her fault. Like maybe the text was sent by mistake. Okay, so that's not an obvious thing, so really the whole train of thought that Naomi had makes sense. But maybe she sent it after the curse made her go crazy. Anyway, we thought she deserved it when Satoshi slapped her. Okay, maybe not "deserved", but she kind of needed it.

I'm still wondering if it's really such a bad idea to talk to the three kids' ghosts. What with Naho being Naho, we think it's possible it was her fault Mayu died, not the ghosts'.

We're also thinking the teacher isn't the one who did it. Did I say that in our last review? It seems to us that he's just as caught up in the curse as everybody else. Also, the clues in this volume plus some stuff we read at the Corpse Party Wiki while we were doing some consistency research leads me to believe that the ghost in the nurse's office started the whole thing because of...well I shouldn't give everything away. It might also be the girl in the red dress.

Then there's Naho's thing about, "Maybe one of your friends did the incantation wrong." I think we might find out more about this, and there are a lot of possibilities, but right now we're thinking you have to include Sachiko in the number of friends. On the other hand, if Sachiko is bringing people to Tenjin Elementary School for any reason at all, it would be a lot more efficient to just give people the wrong instructions, so there's any number of reasons the chant wouldn't work. I'd have a harder time believing that there actually exists a way to pull it off successfully.

Part 2:
One of the afterwords in volume five said that the story was going to get noticeably more intense from then on, but I'm going to say it didn't really. Okay, so the tongue thing and then reliving the murder was pretty intense, so maybe I was wrong. The reliving the murder thing didn't happen until the end of the volume, so that might be part of why I didn't think this volume was much more intense. On the other hand, I like it to not be too intense, especially when it comes to mutilation, so it's okay if it goes back to volume five levels of intensity. But back to the first hand, generally if it's more intense, that means there are lots of big pictures, and the most difficult translations tend to be things like, "Where are you!?" as opposed to "Aaaaaaaaaaahh!" So there's that.

Anyway, brief summary. The mysterious Naho shows up and tells Ayumi that maybe they can get out of Tenjin Elementary School (by the way, we have our comp copies of volume one, so I can check to see if they went with the game translation name for the school, but that would require me to get up and identify which of the many padded manila envelopes has those exact books...though come to think of it, I think those particular comp copies came in a box; oh well) if they find the...okay, so there were a bunch of kids who were brutally murdered and had certain body parts removed. If they can find those body parts, maybe the ghost children will stop hating the universe and the cursed school dimension will disappear and everyone can go home. Meanwhile, scary murderer guy shows up just long enough to deliver a living Yoshiki back to Ayumi. Maybe he's not so evil after all...? (We've been suspecting that he was framed all along.) So they find the body parts and give them back to the kids, and the kids are all cute and happy again, and they send Ayumi and Yoshiki back to their own school! Yay! But everyone else is still trapped, because the children ghosts were only a part of the gigantic curse that's been plaguing the school. One of them comes back to tell Ayumi and Yoshiki all about it, and she sends Ayumi into her memories to see what really happened on that horrible horrible day, and the big shocking reveal is that the girl who survived the murders was actually the murderer. Can you see how shocked we are? We suspected her even before we knew (from volume five) that she survived. Anyway, it's nice to know that we can still pick up on foreshadowing.

So...Yoshiki's a nice guy. He's so cute. In more than one of the previous volumes, one or more of the authors has expressed their sympathy for poor Yoshiki, who's doing everything he can to help Ayumi because he loooooooooves her, but she only has eyes for Satoshi, because who doesn't love Satoshi, am I right? So in the afterwords, the authors are always saying, "Good luck, Yoshiki!" and "You can do it, Yoshiki!" and now we're definitely starting to echo those sentiments. I mean, the guy jumped into a disgusting pool for her. Why he couldn't drain the pool and then rescue her, we don't know, but since we don't know pool mechanics, we're willing to accept the theory that she might have gotten caught in the drain or something. And on top of that, he's constantly going off retrieving body parts, and that's just...the guy has nerves of steel, is what I'm saying.

Then there's Sakutaro. It's kind of cute in a super creepy way that he finds his beloved Mayu's body to be the most beautiful of all the bodies, even though she died in a way that rendered her completely unrecognizable. It's handy that his morbid and incredibly creepy fascination helped Ayumi and Yoshiki get what they were looking for without having, she's not getting any deader. But we can understand their hesitation. (The last missing body part was hidden in a spot that was now blocked by Mayu's splattered remains. I tried not to give the gory details, but it just didn't make sense without them.)

That's mostly it, we think. Naho remains a mystery. Is she pulling the strings to help people, or to make matters worse? Only time will tell...

Also, we were once again reminded of how careless video game wikis are about spoilers. My goodness, the Corpse Party wiki's description of the school has the girl in the red dress's name right there in the summary, listing her as the one creating the curse, which is totally unnecessary for a basic summary, and is a spoiler on multiple levels. If I ever had the time and energy to make a wiki detailing every aspect of a video game series I loved, I would be more careful to hide spoilers. For crying out loud.

This is another week where nothing we translated is being released, so no news on that front. Tune in next week, for our review of Complex Age 3!

Today I'm thankful for a very actiony chapter of Persona Q, actually getting to go to our ward's Relief Society activity this month, finishing another chapter of Ace Attorney 6 (one day, we'll finish that game...), very cute developments in My Monster Secret, and being done changing the water filter.
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