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Watching My Little Pony last night got me thinking about way back when Athena and I were in Girl Scouts. We weren't really getting along with our old troop (though thinking back on it now, maybe we could have stuck it out, but I don't remember many details, so), so we became the big sisters of our little sister's troop. And for whatever reason, we decided to put on a play!

The troop leader was from Louisiana, and back in Louisiana, she had a friend who had written a Rapunzel play for the stage. It was really cute, with the witch and the fairy godmother, and the prince who had two sidekicks. It even had songs! Like "Where Is My Prince," which is the impatient version of "Someday My Prince Will Come." You can't really blame Rapunzel for it, though; she'd been stuck in a tower all her life. Meanwhile, Snow White had stuff to do. The witch and fairy godmother were Tacky and Tinsel, respectively, and they constantly made fun of each other's fashion sense. This was also our first foray into e-textiles--we had a string of Christmas tree lights and a portable battery pack that we attached to Tinsel's costume.

Athena played the prince, because none of the ten-year-old girls wanted to play a boy, and I was the director. The main thing I remember about directing was shouting at everyone to put more energy into the performance. Even back then, I hated it when performers seemed tired.

The other thing I remember was making the sets for the enchanted forest. I don't know why Rapunzel had to take place in an enchanted forest specifically...maybe to explain how her hair got so long. But the forest was enchanted. So, with the help of the troop leader's set designer husband, we made some trees from plywood and used construction paper as leaves...or petals, as the case may be. See, when the play was first performed, because it was an enchanted forest, it was populated with giant sunflowers instead of trees, and that's how the troop leader wanted to do it. But I was the director, and I was firmly of the opinion that it was an enchanted forest, not an enchanted garden, okay? There was some discussion, which I think was ultimately resolved by finishing the trees when Athena and I were away at some church thing, and making them flowers, of course.

So we got back from...I think it was Girls' find that our enchanted forest was now complete with three giant flowers. We examined the flowers and realized it really wouldn't be too hard to make them into trees if we just covered the centers of the flowers with more construction paper leaves. Of course, I may have been opinionated, but I wasn't one to do things without permission, so Athena and I, and one of the girls who would be playing Athena's sidekick, went to the troop leader and explained our idea. I warned the girl ahead of time that if we really wanted to make this happen, we were going to have to be willing to cut out that construction paper and glue it on ourselves, and sure enough, the troop leader, impatient with all our nagging, snapped, "Fine, but you have to do it yourselves!"

Perfect! That's just what we wanted. But the other sidekick (who was also the troop leader's daughter) liked the giant flower idea, and since it was the prince and his two sidekicks who spent all their time hiding behind specific trees, we left her tree as a flower, and Athena and the other sidekick had trees, and thus we see the beauty of compromise. Or something.

I don't really remember much about any of the performances, but I seem to remember them being a success. It was a lot of fun, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for fond memories with the Girl Scouts, finishing our Fire Force translation, getting to watch some new (to us) My Little Pony, the episode with Thorax, and stick-to-it-ivity.
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