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You learn something new every day

We were watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire? while eating dinner, and Oreo wanted some of Athena's, so he joined us on the couch. This meant that when Millionaire was over, we were still pinned to the couch. So we ended up watching the rerun of Beauty and the Geek that was on. And that's how we found out that some guys really do get nosebleeds when faced with doing things with pretty girls. I had kind of suspected for a while, since the idea must have been based on some type of reality, but I'd never seen it happen before. It was quite intriguing.

For FHE tonight, we had a scripture scavenger hunt. It was really fun, but I'm too competitive, and I don't exercise nearly enough, so I practically killed myself trying to find clues. And then it turned out to not really be competitive anyway; the team that finished first just got to the candy sooner. I really need to stop being so competitive. And get a thesaurus or something because using the word "competitive" four times in one paragraph seems a bit excessive.

Tonight I'm thankful for Family Home Evening, exercise, New Year's specials or whatever it is going on so that it's easier for us to catch up on our anime, fairy tales, and fun movie quotes.

Speaking of fun movie quotes, I thought I'd share this one, since I spent like ten minutes at least laughing about it last night. Spoken by Jorgen in The Fairly Odd Parents, School's Out: The Musical. "I know you are upset, and also on fire..."

I don't remember the rest of it, but that's not important.
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