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The Prince in His Dark Days, volume 2

Work is proving to be a challenge today. Not so much of a challenge that we need to push ourselves to work overtime, but enough of one that we'll need to finish it tomorrow if we don't want to work overtime. Since we're in a combination of "must finish everything NOW" mode (mostly based on our future schedule, which is not really overloaded, but is full of things that tend to be time-consuming) and "I don't waaaanna spend all my time wooorrrking" mode, I have mixed feelings about this.

But anyway, it's Review Rednesday! This week we present to you The Prince in His Dark Days volume two! Spoiler level: mild, but not being familiar with the volume might make the review confusing.

The Prince in His Dark Days 2. We finished this one a few days ago and immediately switched off our brains, so I have to think for a little while.

The series continues to be very much itself, by which I mean the tone is pretty much the same. This one focuses more on Itaru, and disproves our theory that Ryo helped him escape, which I guess is just as well, because it doesn't make Ryo seem as evil and calculating. We were a little bit worried, dealing with Itaru, because we're not sure what all the right terms are to describe things, and we didn't want to use anything offensive. Wikipedia tells us that "cross-dresser" is acceptable, but it's possible that we were in such a rush to get it done that we read things wrong. Hopefully our editor will have a better idea and be able to correct anything. But anyway, it was a little interesting to find out what started the whole thing, because based on the flashbacks we'd had of him from volume one, you have to wonder where he came up with the idea, since he's very masculine, and seems to still identify as male. But his thoughts on emotional weakness were interesting--that thing where he says they're basically of your own choosing. If you think about it, they kind of really are. We used to be really insecure about our picky eating habits, but technically there was no reason for us to be. People teased us about it, but it was harmless and more out of curiosity than anything else (although there was one guy who was pretty malicious, but even thinking back on his comments, it's kind of like, "").

So there was all that, and the thing about beauty and how it's more than just makeup and gowns. I feel like I've been told that all my life, so I believed it, but now on Facebook people seem to be saying it almost defiantly, like they haven't been told all their lives that there's more to beauty than your appearance, and I guess we just watched a lot of different entertainment growing up. Maybe it's because we never grew out of cartoons. But anyway, it's still a nice message, and in this series it wasn't presented in a defiant sort of way, so it was nice again.

Nobunari confessed his love to Itaru, and that was a very sweet scene but you guys all know how we feel about that kind of thing, so we choose to believe that the relationship is very caring but also platonic. I don't know, maybe we're just naive, but we still think it's okay to care about someone very deeply and also not want to have sex with them.

But let's change the subject! The second half of this volume focuses on Atsuko learning how to dance. Oh, but speaking of Atsuko, it was so cute in the first chapter when Ryo was trying to cheer her up. I think I would have shared his feelings if I had gone to Disneyland with them, but on the other hand, if she was determined to be sad, I might have thought it wasn't the best time to go to Disneyland. Regardless, it was an adorable picture.

So Atsuko's learning how to dance, and I think it's funny (to me, anyway) that ballroom dancing came into it. I don't know why, maybe because we translated Let's Dance a Waltz and then were upset with ourselves for not asking to translate Welcome to the Ballroom. It's like ballroom dancing is always nearby somehow. But I love it, because I think ballroom dancing is beautiful and very romantic, so it's a very nice way to show the leading couple getting closer together, and I really like how Yamanaka-sensei portrays the gradual building of their relationship. It was tricky to translate, though, because we didn't know if it was real ballroom dance instruction or not. Turns out it was at least mostly based on reality, we think, but it wasn't exactly specific, so it's hard to say for sure. Anyway, the important thing is that it makes sense. ...So hopefully it makes sense. It made sense to us, anyway.

And then they go to the charity event and we meet Daigo. He's a suspicious one. ...I mean, obviously he's suspicious if you've read all the way through, since he deliberately does something rather villainous. What will happen in the next volume!? Oh no!!! Maybe nothing. I won't speculate too much, though, in case people haven't read it yet.

But Atsuko continues to be cute. The dancing with Yoko was also pretty nice, but I do wonder if it might have some negative ramifications, for when they find out Atsuko is a double and things like that.

...And I think that about covers it. I look forward to see more of Atsuko and Ryo in the next volume. Don't be too stupid, Ryo!

And as for releases this week, there were actually a whole three of them! We have In/Spectre 2, That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! 3, and My Monster Secret 5! Nekogahara 2 was originally scheduled to come out this week, but due to deficiencies in time travel technology, its release has been pushed back to next month. It will be the perfect Valentine's Day gift! (No it will not. Especially not this volume.)

Tune in next week, for our review of Corpse Party Omnibus 3!

Today I'm thankful for work not being nearly as challenging as it could have been, getting our YumeTwins box yesterday, getting our Tokyo Treat box today, the sushi gummies not actually being sushi flavored, and dreams of the perfect dessert pizza.
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