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I did intend to update LJ earlier today, but things got busier than expected. And not because of work, thankfully. Work went great. But then we decided to do laundry, and then we had to wrangle cats...which also didn't take very long, thankfully. I was thinking about doing a post on microaggressions today, and I'm not sure if I have time. I think it will have to wait until Thursday...but since we're doing laundry again on Thursday...well, we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for work going great, having clean laundry, the cats not being too hard to wrangle, Ace Attorney being pretty interesting now that we're getting back to it (we decided it was time to stop spending hours trying to catch all the Pokemon and move on with our lives), and it not being raining when we needed to do laundry today. Hopefully it will also not be raining on Thursday when we want to wash some of the things that get worn less regularly.
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