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Alethea & Athena
Second chances? 
2nd-Jan-2017 04:32 pm
Technically, it's still a holiday today, but we decided to make it a work day because not only do we have notice that Gaston will be dropping by for a day at Disneyland sometime this week, but there's also a very slight possibility that our friend Kyoya will be doing the same. Possibly on the same day, which would work out splendidly. Actually, our next deadline isn't for two weeks, but things do have a habit of cropping up. And besides, we were eager to get started on one of our new titles! So we did that today, and it was kind enough to let us finish the first draft without working overtime! Woohoo!

In other news, in addition to the people who have already told us we need to watch Yuri on Ice through to the end, we just had another friend on Facebook tell us the same thing. I kind of feel like this series is like Frozen in that there's no escaping it... Us and things about ice, man. Anyway, that being the case, I'm seriously contemplating watching it so we can have a more informed opinion of it and not have to worry about it any more. But there's just this thing...

See, when we were talking about it on Facebook, we were doing our best to be cordial and not go out of our way to say, "Yeah, we just don't like it." She was excited and we didn't want to spoil her fun. We're happy to let people be excited about it; we just don't want them to insist that we like it, too. But if we were to watch it after all this pestering, I feel like I would feel the need to come here to our LJ and post our brutally honest opinion about it. I don't know; maybe after the third episode, it would get interesting to us, and then our brutally honest opinion wouldn't be a problem for anybody. We might actually like it if we give it more of a chance.

...So I guess what I'm wondering is if anyone would be offended if we did come along and end up posting negative reviews of it? Maybe that question is super self-important. I don't know. We actually have some time to watch it today...assuming we don't want to watch the rest of Bungo Stray Dogs or Occultic;Nine instead. Or do any of the myriad other things we have to do. And if we did watch Yuri on Ice, should we start where we left off, or rewatch the first three episodes? I know twelve episodes isn't that big of a time investment, but we already didn't care for those episodes. But if I want a more informed opinion of them, I'd have to retrieve them from my memory somehow, but then if I still didn't like them, I'd like them even less (which, by the way, is kind of what happened with Frozen; at first, we just didn't care for it, but then it was super popular, so we watched it again hoping to figure out what it was everybody saw in it, and then we legitimately disliked it).

...And maybe this is super self-important, and we should just go watch those other nine episodes and keep it all to ourselves, but at least be confident that we gave it the best chance we could. I don't know.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on an intriguing new series, finishing the first draft, remembering that rent is due, the delicious chocolate chip pudding ring cake we've been eating today, and not having to work overtime today.
2nd-Jan-2017 11:22 pm (UTC)
Aw, man!!! I'm sorry if my enthusiasm has been overbearing...! Of course I won't be offended if you don't like the series and decide to write about why! On the contrary, I'd want to read that. I want to understand why someone might not like it, and unlike random haters in internet forums, you're people who I trust would give it a fair chance* and would have reasonable reasons for not liking it.

*I understand that we're all human and can't escape our biases, and I know how "this thing is so popular" often affects my opinions, so while I may wonder whether yours might have been different if you hadn't had any preconceived ideas, I don't think it invalidates whatever conclusion you come to.

I don't know whether you should watch the first three episodes or not. They have the prettier animation, but if you think they'll just further establish your negative opinion, maybe starting from 4 is best. And then if you change your mind, you could revisit the earlier ones afterwards to fully inform your opinion.

Last thing: if I were to say what I think the creators' goal was in making the series, it wouldn't be to impress/surprise/shock the viewers, but to celebrate ice skaters and skating. I don't know if that perspective will change how you perceive the story, but it's what I sincerely believe :)

Okay now I'll hush and let you form your own opinions!!

(yay for the new project start!! :D)
3rd-Jan-2017 02:53 am (UTC)
Haha, no, you're fine! And our other friend is fine, too. If it were an either/or situation, it probably wouldn't be a big deal at all. It's just that there's so much of it.

We try not to let a thing's popularity influence our estimation of its quality, but if we decide it's not that great, then its popularity surely plays a part in our degree of dislike.

There's anime that we adore that we haven't revisited, so our opinion of it would have to really improve for us to decide to rewatch any of it. Although I am considering starting over from the beginning, because it seems like the depiction of Yuri's insecurity is one of the favorite things about the series, and somehow we never registered that sympathy for it, so we'd have to start over. It's a tough decision.

From what we remember of the first three episodes, it doesn't seem like "either" it's about impressing the audience "or" it's about celebrating skating. It's clearly about both. We need to get over this law of the excluding middle business. But even if it were about skating rather than impressing, my opinion about all the effort to impress the audience is a result of my attempt to analyze why it fell flat for me, not something I thought I perceived while watching that affected my final opinion.

Anyway. All that being said, we'll probably start watching it again sometime this week, but it all depends on what stuff ends up happening when.
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