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A dream come true

So yesterday we were watching Cartoon Network and there was a commercial for Ben 10, the art style of which reminds me a lot of Teen Titans, so I said to Athena, "Man, I wish Teen Titans was still on at a reasonably viewable time on weekdays." The weekdays part was actually implied, but it was still there-ish.

And then! Today, we had it on Cartoon Network again for some reason that I can't remember, since I know we didn't watch anything, and there was a commercial for the re-vamped Miguzi, including Teen Titans at four! It's my wish come true!

It's a little bittersweet, though, because we had only just recently discoverd that weekdays at four is when they showed Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which we don't watch at seven because that's when Jeopardy!'s on. I'm sure it will work out, though.

So tonight I'm thankful for being able to watch Teen Titans, the new RS manual (though we both wish they hadn't glued the lesson schedule to the inside cover *pout*), tissues, the slipper thingies the sister missionaries gave us, and tortilla chips.
Tags: teen titans, tender mercies

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