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Happy New Year!!

We saw some people saying let's hope 2017 is a good one, and I think that's okay, and that we should add to it, "Because we're going to do what we can to make it a good year!" A lot of the good things that happened to us last year wouldn't have happened if we hadn't taken action to make them happen, but the best part about them was that after we took that action, it turned into so much more than what we had hoped. So I hope we can all go into the new year with a determination to do cool things.

At church today, our bishop had some time to say a few words--and this is only sort of related to that last paragraph--but he said that he does not believe in new year's resolutions. At first I thought, "Well, to each their own, I guess." I mean, what's wrong with resolving to do better? Well, if I'd let him get to his point, I would have found out that he doesn't think there's anything wrong with it. The problem is only making those resolutions once every 365 days. In our church, we partake of the sacrament (what some other denominations call communion) every week, and that's an ordinance that renews the covenants we made at baptism, which were basically to resolve to be better. And we do that every week. So the idea is to just always try to be better tomorrow than you were today, and I think that might be a less intimidating goal, but also a more productive one, because it's more consistent.

Anyway, our 2017 has been pretty average so far. We didn't stay up to greet the new year, because our ward meets at nine in the morning now, and on top of that, we had to go early to practice the song we would be performing in sacrament meeting. So we went to sleep about eleven. But we did make some hot chocolate to put in the refrigerator overnight so we could have a toast to the new year when we got back from church. And! we made it in the Dear Danny mugs we got at Tokyo Disneyland, so they were the first cups we drank out of in 2017. (We had water at church, but from drinking fountains.)

Then we had our first Primary of the new year, and that was...interesting. We only had one little girl show up, and she's only four and not really very social yet. She was in my class last year, so, since I didn't have a class today, I went with her to Athena's class (her new class), and she did really well there, but when we got to sharing time with all the Primary...well, all the Primary was just her and us and now two more adults. I can imagine that being really intimidating for a little kid. So about halfway through, she kind of shut down. We tried to ask her if there was a favorite song she wanted to sing, or a game she wanted to play, but she had had enough and she was starting to cry. So we just had a closing song and a prayer, and then we let her color until her family got out of their classes. Poor kid. She did a great job coloring, though.

And it was Bread Day, so we came home with a chocolate chip pudding ring cake, and a caramel cake that we're really excited to try. And we're also really excited to spend the rest of the day relaxing. We're going to watch The Happiest Millionaire!

Also, I remembered a cute thing about Logan! I don't remember why it got brought up, but I mentioned how my camera was broken and I need to get a new one. And this kid--this smart, practical kid--goes, "Why don't you just fix it?" And I'm thinking back and going, "Wow, way to not grow up in a culture of everything being disposable." Now if only I could figure out how to get my camera fixed...

Today I'm thankful for having the whole day (and the whole year) ahead of us, our little Primary girl cheering up when the pressure of being in class went away, having a caramel cake to look forward to trying, finally getting to use our Danny mugs, and having plans to go to the post office this week.
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