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Year in Review: 2016

I think we've finally managed to complete all of our responsibilities for the year. We still have stuff we have to do to get ready for church tomorrow, but technically that's a responsibility for next year. ...And Athena reminds me we haven't actually turned in our most recent translation, but technically that's also a responsibility for next year, since it's due either yesterday or Monday.

Anyway, it's time again for a year in review post. Let's start with the usual meme of pasting the first sentence (or two or three) from the first post of each month for the year.

The year started with a cat on my chest. Well, not exactly. Page found out we were awake (we have a CD alarm clock, and we let it go for a couple of songs before we get up), and then came to sit on my chest. Lately she seems very concerned about whether or not we're getting enough rest, because last night she inexplicably started meowing her head off. Then I noticed it was our normal bedtime, but we were staying up late for New Year's Eve, and when I explained to her what was going on, she seemed slightly less distraught. On the other hand, she woke Athena up at four in the morning for snuggles, so our health may not be her biggest concern.

We're optimistic about this volume of Noragami not taking all week, which is good because we need extra time for the thing we didn't finish last week. Oh man, but this one is intense. But for now, we talk about Japan.

I was going to start by saying that the nonstop work continues, but obviously that's not true because we're stopping right now. Actually, we're updating LiveJournal while we wait for the water to boil for dinner. The work will continue after our dinner break, which will not end until after an episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which is another one of those mystery shows that has us asking do they HAVE to kill more than one person every time?

Oh man, I'm so beat. The funny thing is, it's not from working on Noragami, although that was far from easy. I said it in the review and I'll say it again, it took us an hour just to get through the gag manga at the back. Oy.

Yesterday [our birthday] turned out to be pretty good after all. On the way to the grocery store (or maybe before we left), we discussed the possibility of stopping by the nearby donut shop for a treat, but we also remembered that there was a Baskin Robbins also nearby. So we went there to get some ice cream. We were hoping for maybe an ice cream cupcake or two, but they didn't have anything like that. Instead, we found out that Baskin Robbins has warm cookie sundaes! So we each got a small one--one scoop of ice cream, two microwaved cookies, and a topping.

We are back from visiting the family and we are alive! I'm actually surprisingly not dying, for all the energy we expended during this trip, but I do seem to have lost all ability to type, as I have been correcting typos even more frequently than usual. Hopefully I'll recover quickly, because we have a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate.

Anime Expo is not over, but we're home for the day anyway. After our church experience in Japan, I didn't want to go skipping church for this, and since we live close enough to just go home and go to our home ward, that's what we did. Also, we ran out of stuff to do last night, so we figured we might as well check out of the hotel early and hop on the bus back home. We'll spend the night here, and catch an early bus tomorrow for the last day of the convention.

Well, we did meet our quota for today, but not our ideal quota, so we're still toying with the idea of going back to work later...especially because we're also still toying with the idea of going to Japan. It's actually looking like our schedule is pretty open right around art exhibit time, but we can't ignore the possibility of new assignments popping up. But if they don't...

We are back from Japan! Tadah! It occurs to me that if we'd bothered to post last night, we could have posted a review for Review Rednesdays, but we didn't, so oh well. It looks like we've only had one book come out the last two Tuesdays, so maybe it's okay that we missed two in a row.
Anyway, we had a fantastic time, even if it was a little short.

Today is the first day of our semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and oh my gosh, it's been so good so far! There have been a ton of good stories, and even the music impressed me this time. I admit, I'm not always a fan of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...and actually my favorite performance wasn't by them; it was by a choir of missionaries training at the Missionary Training Center, but oh my goodness, they were so good!

It kind of figures that the one year we forget to buy candy is the one year we actually get trick-or-treaters. Athena says she didn't really forget; she just didn't bother to say anything about buying candy when we were at the store, because we already have about a million pounds of candy (that would be five thousand tons) already. So that's what we gave out to the trick-or-treaters: some of the candy we got at Mickey's Halloween Party.

We have returned! And unsurprisingly, we are exhausted. Disneyland was fun as usual. We saw Viva Navidad again, which continues to be one of the best things they're currently doing. This year, in addition to Viva Navidad, they're celebrating even more different cultures by inviting different performing groups to We didn't even realize what was going on until we were walking away from the Viva Navidad area and heard some different music coming over the speakers.

And there you have it. It hints at all of the important stuff that happened, but doesn't get into all the details of what made it so awesome. This year has actually been really good to us...and since it's been really bad to a lot of people, I do wonder if it's some sort dark elves that feed on misery or something? I don't really think that; it just makes for a potentially interesting story device. But anyway, we went to Japan not just once but twice this year, and we got to meet the guy in charge of one of our favorite series of all time. And we got to see our family more than last year, including a family trip to Disneyland! Plus, I think we can build on the experiences we had this year to take us even further...but maybe not next year, because we also had some expensive dental work done, and what with that and two trips to Japan, we are currently pretty broke. But at the very least, we can probably talk to our really cool friends/acquaintances at Anime Expo again.

The other thing that really stood out this year, as it did last year and I think the year before, is that we did a loooooott of work. And to illustrate just how much work we did, lyschan was kind enough to make us a beautiful collage of all the things we translated this year (just like she did last year!)! (Minus an unannounced title and I think we did some video game work, but we never keep enough track of that.) Anyway, here it is!

We started nine new series (one not pictured), and finished ten (two of which were ones that we also started this year)! One of our simulpubs went from a weekly schedule to a monthly one, we did some video game work, and we translated our first anime movie TV special! Plus, a lot of the stuff we worked on was a heck of a lot of fun, and even though I think we translated a few more books than last year, I feel like it didn't eat up all of our time as much. We probably have Corpse Party and That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! to thank for that.

And I think that about sums it up. We have a lot to be grateful for this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's waiting for us in 2017!

This year I"m very thankful for all of the wonderful books we got to translate this year, having the courage and the funds to go to Japan twice and all of the great experiences we had there, getting to meet a lot of really cool people (I forgot to mention, we met lyschan in person!), finally getting to see Gaston in his namesake role, and getting to make lots of fun memories with our family.
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