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We're still alive

As readers may have guessed from the lack of posts, we have been out of town for Christmas. And now we are back and already drowning in work! Aaaaahhhh! Okay, maybe not drowning, since we just finished today's quota, and we still have like an hour of free time, and we took about an hour out to talk to Gaston on the phone, which meant we had about two hours of free time today. But we do have a lot of stuff that needs to be done before the new year.

In addition, we were under the weather before we left, and the stress of traveling and busyness is not exactly conducive to recovery, so right now I just want to go lie down and do something that takes less brain power. So for today, a quick post to say we're still alive. More on our holiday adventures later.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work before bedtime and with our sanity just barely still intact, making it safely to and from our travel destination, Page being okay when we got back, having chocolate to keep morale up, and the hope that the edit on this project will go relatively quickly.
Tags: busyness, christmas

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