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The Package Mystery

I'm starting to really feel the anxiety that comes before travel, but this time it mostly has to do with things that are only tangentially related to the travel, so maybe it's okay. But anyway, today I was going to talk about packages.

Because we get so many packages all the time, and because we're usually too preoccupied with the stuff we're already doing, we have this bad habit of getting a package, saying to ourselves, "Oh, that will be nice later," and tossing it in a pile of packages to be opened when necessary. It mostly happens with packages that are not related to work, because when it's comp copies we're curious to know what series it is, but if it's something we ordered, we already know what it is, so there's no point in opening the box until we need whatever's inside. We have a package we ordered from Amazon over a year ago that we still haven't opened (Personas 3 and 4; we ordered them for work, but since they weren't directly related to the manga we're translating, we decided to save them for when we have time lol).

That being the case, and it being the time of year to be ordering a bunch of things, we have a pile of packages on the floor in the living room. One of them has the word "Audubon" stamped across it, which has been the source of some consternation over the last several days, as I would inexplicably find myself humming "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" in my head, and I haven't heard that song in years. (Part of the lyrics mention the Audubon Society's disapproval of the practice, so I guess my brain made the connection so automatically that the song was in my head before I even realized I'd looked at the package.) We figured it was the gift we ordered for our stepbrother, which has to do with wildlife and stuff, much like (I assume...) the Audubon Society.

But then yesterday came along and another package was delivered. It was completely unrelated to this story except that it alerted my attention to still another package lying at our front door. This third package claimed to be from the exact organization we ordered our stepbrother's Christmas present from. It would have been the source of tremendous confusion, and we would have opened the Audubon package then and there to solve the mystery, if not for another mystery that had been presented to us the day before.

Apparently our sister had sent us a package and was wondering if we had received it. We assumed we had not, because we had already assumed that the package was something else. And thus we learn why they say what they do about assuming. We were also very curious about how Aurora could possibly have sent us a package, because we were pretty sure nobody knows our address. It turns out that Mom knows our address and gave it to her. But when we found the third package (the one for our stepbrother), every mystery was solved. We had received the package from our sister! And thus we have an unexpected Christmas present. But because Mom was involved in the whole thing, now she knows about it, and she wants us to take it with us to Fresno so we can open it at the big unwrapping gathering. So we still don't know what's inside it. But that's good, because it takes all the fun away when everything gets answered all at once.

And now, a short story about our nephew. We got a video call from the boy's mother today, and as soon as we worked out getting everybody connected (we don't have smartphones, so we have to make sure an iPad is on, etc.), Logan says, "Where's the kitty?" So now he has been avenged of the time we implied we were more interested in a kitten than his infant self. But more importantly, the child already has a love of cats. I showed him Page immediately.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a video chat with our sister and her kids, the lovely rainy weather we've had, having plans to finally go to Gaston's friend's ice cream shop, getting a surprise Christmas gift, and getting to go see our family.
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