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Your Lie in April volume 10

It's that time again! Time for Review Rednesday! This week featuring the penultimate volume of Your Lie in April! Spoiler level: high.

This volume, man. It starts out being all nice and heartwarming and everything for about a hundred and ninety pages, and then BAM! I'm just gonna tear out your heart now, and we'll see if I don't throw it on the ground and dance on it in the next volume. We were really holding onto hope that Kaori isn't going to die after all, but you're making it reeeeeeally hard with the cat thing. Speaking of the cat, they mentioned that Kosei doesn't actually know exactly what happened to Chelsea, so is it possible that she's still alive? Is it possible that she WAS still alive until the fateful accident? Will we ever know?

Actually, we translated this volume really quick before Anime Expo, and instead of editing we went right to the next and final volume, so we actually do know if we'll ever know, but I'm not going to tell you. ...And I think I had more to say about our having translated it before Anime Expo but I can't remember it now, and I'm starting to doubt that I really did have anything else to say about that.

Anyway. This was another great volume. Takeshi finally gets his closure, and the story of how he got into the piano is great. For anyone who watched the anime and hasn't taken the time to read the manga, I highly recommend it, because you get more details that make everything even more great. Especially Tsubaki. Her story is so much more developed in the manga, even though they cover all the main points of it in the anime. She just seems to have more of a personality in the manga. And maybe I'm just saying that because I'm still a little bitter that we have a friend who loved the anime but shows no interest in reading the manga because "it won't be the same without the music."

...Speaking of which! This isn't really related to this volume specifically, but I wanted to mention it. Earlier in the series, Hiroko mentions that maybe Kosei's inability to hear the music is a blessing, and I was like, "Oookay, if you say so," but now that we've seen the anime, I think she might have a point. For example, in the anime, we as an audience can hear the music during Kuru Fest even after Kosei turns it off for himself. So we can hear it when the audience suddenly gasps and says, "The music changed!" And because we can hear it, we can go, "Yeah, because that's how it's written--the tone is supposed to change there." But the whole point of the series is that you have this musician who hasn't quite figured out how he's going to play a piece, so he tries different tempos and tones and etc. throughout the performance. If you can't hear the music (because you're reading the story, not watching/listening to it), you can imagine it however you want, so you don't have to rely on classical pianists and their ability to turn their virtuosity on and off at will. In that sense, and maybe it's just because I'm an intellectual snob, I think the story may actually be more enjoyable if you, like Kosei, can't hear the music. (Alternatively, if classical pianists were taught how to "act" a piano performance instead of just playing it brilliantly...)

But back to this volume. Tsubaki was so cute. Her confession was adorable. And that whole chapter makes us want lemonade, which is indeed a magical elixir. And the part about looking for Chelsea! Oooooohh! It made me cry. ...I think it made me cry. That was a few weeks ago. But he was all, "I let my mom take my cat away. I really am heartless!" and we were all, "*sniffle*!!"

The part where all the pianists were sharing egg sandwiches was really cute, too. I loved how each of them marched angrily up to Kosei, and he was like, "Uh...sandwich?" And then the way he got so excited about them. Ah, kids. I almost wonder if he's more passionate about egg sandwiches than about music.

And finally, there's the hospital scene. Man, the kid finally gets up the nerve to stop wasting time, admit his feelings, and go talk to the girl, and now look what happens. He really does not have good luck with hospitals. And we already addressed the cat situation. Oh man, the poor guy. At least this time he got a chance to try to save the kitty...but it wasn't a very encouraging one, was it? This series is sadistic.

Yup. This series. Since Yuri on Ice is over, when you've all processed all the emotions from that and find yourselves in need of another touching story about performing artists, you can read this one all the way through and come back and enjoy this review.

As for new releases, this week we have...nothing! Woohoo. But tune in next week for a brand new Review Rednesday, featuring the first volume of a new favorite of ours, Fire Force!

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work today, the Poke-Resort and its ability to help you not feel guilty about tossing all your pokemon in a box and leaving them there forever, figuring out the truth behind all the packages we've been receiving, the UPS guy coming by even though it was raining (it may be his job, but that doesn't make me any less grateful), and having enough cash to take the bus to the train station.
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