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Crushed by work

I didn't mean to disappear today, but work ended up destroying us a little. Persona Q is taking longer than it uses to these months, possibly because we're at big climactic scenes, so we want to check them against the game more. Last month, we ended up matching the script pretty closely, but then this month there were some parts where we were like, "Why are we even bothering checking?" because we kept going, "Mmm, no, I like ours better."

Then we had another thing we're working on that was taking longer than expected. We worked out some kinks, though, and hopefully it will go more quickly from now on.

On the bright side, we've finally worked out our holiday travel plans.

Today I'm thankful for getting as much work done today as we did, getting our travel plans sorted out, having a teensy tiny bit of time to play Pokemon, having plenty of blankets to help us through the gas advisory, and getting to try some more new snacks from Japan.
Tags: workaholism

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