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So we're watching Eyeshield21, and it's all about Sakuraba! Yay! Only he's being all angsty. Talk about characters needing to be slapped. It's not surprising, though, since it's practically what he's there for. I mean, hello, his name is Sakuraba. And he was looking very pretty.

Speaking of names, I love how all the characters look like their names. Well, most of them. Like how Hiruma (leech demon) looks like a demon and Kurita (chestnut rice-field) looks like a chestnut. And Jumonji (the blond of the Huh-Huh Brothers; his name means cross) has a cross-shaped scar. And Monta is obvious. Some of the names aren't based on looks, like Anezaki Mamori, but that name is her personality in a nutshell--protective older sister.

And of course Sakuraba Haruto! That name is just amusing. You can't get a more bishonen-type name. Sakura garden spring person. I love how at first there were always sakura petals following him around.

Anyway! While we were watching this episode, this music started playing, and it sounded like it was the intro to a song, so I said, "Sing, Sakuraba! Sing!" And he did!! EEEEEEEE!!!!

We were actually a little surprised, because they play insert songs for the Devil Bats all the time, but it's never any of them singing. So really my comment was more wishful thinking than anything else, since Sakuraba is a singer and he should be singing anyway. It was actually four members of the White Knights singing, which is neat, except I wish Takami was singing too, but he wasn't. But really, Sakuraba's all we need.

Man, we're such fangirls. At any rate, whatever CD that song is on, we need it. I wonder if the Devil Bats will get a song.
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