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A few minutes

We have just a few minutes (I think) while we wait for our ride to the ward Christmas social to update LiveJournal, but because it's only a few minutes, my mind is a blank and I don't know what to say! Let's see...we finished In/Spectre 3 today, and boy howdy was it a long script! Not a lot of sound effects, but a fair amount of internet forum threads. But for us, the worst was the looooooooooong explanations. We had some lines of dialogue that actually took up three lines of the script! I don't know if that makes sense or not, but just trust us, they were long. ...And now I was about to say stuff that maybe I should be saving for the review. We don't have time to write a review, because we have to get to our next project and/or the ward social.

In random news, we took a quiz that was "What kind of trainer should you be in Pokemon Sun/Moon?" on the Nintendo website, and we got grass trainer! And what do you know, we have a Rowlett! (I think I saw it was spelled with two Ts.) Actually, he's evolved now into whatever the English name of Junaipaa is. And a Junaipaa, because that's what he is if you're speaking Japanese.

We also have an Eevee that unexpectedly evolved into a Nymphia at level 9, completely taking us off guard and making us wonder what on earth are the rules for Eevee evolution these days. (I'm not sure we're ready to know that, though. I'm sure they'll tell us about evolution stones at some point in the game. Right? Or is there a different way to evolve Pikachu into Raichu in Alola?)

Anyway, our ride could be here very very soon, so I should wrap up. Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation, having fancy Christmas socks to wear, finally unlocking the Poke-Resort, Charizard, and our ride showing up.
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