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Well, work is pretty much eating the rest of our week, so I feel like I don't have time to post or anything to post about, since I don't really want to talk about work this week. But that's not entirely true today, because! we started watching the Pokemon anime again, and I guess I could talk about that.

We were big fans of the anime back when it first aired in the States, for one main reason, which is that they kept some of the Japanese voices for the Pokemon. That was back in the late '90s, when the only way to get legal anime was to spend a bajillion dollars on it, and it cost about three bajillion dollars if you wanted to get it subtitled instead of dubbed. Our cousin blackhope told us they used Japanese voices for Pokemon, and we were like, "Just point me in the right direction." We didn't care that they weren't speaking Japanese; we just loved Japanese voice actors so much. I think that might make us fetishists, but it doesn't change the facts.

We didn't hate the dub, either. Actually, back then, we didn't really hate any dubs; we just preferred the Japanese voices. And because our introduction to fansubs was with translations that we could tell were done badly even before we had learned a decent amount of Japanese, we trusted the legal anime translations a lot more. We had this weird idea that there was some kind of competency requirement for paid work on translations. (There is, but it was a lot lower than we thought. Can't complain, though, because that may very well be how we got into the industry.)

Anyway, I mostly just think about that, because at our first Anime Expo, the subject of the Fushigi Yuugi dub got brought up, and someone said it was worse than Pokemon, as if Pokemon were some sort of standard for the lowest possible quality dub. (Fun fact: the dub voice of Nakago is also the voice of Cosmo in Fairly OddParents.) I disagree about the Pokemon dub being bad, even watching it again now. The acting is usually pretty decent, and if something sounds awkward, these days, naturally, we're going to blame it on the translation.

So why are we watching the Pokemon dub? Because the Japanese version is not available on Netflix, much to our chagrin. I mean, I said we don't hate the dub, but it still can't beat Megumi Hayashibara and Shin'ichiro Miki as Team Rocket. So if the Japanese version isn't available, why are we even watching it at all? We've already seen it! Well, because we're in a Pokemon phase, and we haven't seen it in years. We thought it would be neat to watch it all the way through to X&Y. Y? Because our beloved favorite voice actor plays Clemont. Of course, we won't get to hear that because the Japanese version isn't available, but if he plays Clemont, he probably plays some Pokemon, too, and that's what we really want to hear. Of course, if he plays all Pokemon that got dubbed, then there's no point. And our plans are sort of thwarted already anyway, because a bunch of seasons between the first one and X&Y are also not included on Netflix. And I'm thinking, "Netflix. We need to talk."

But anyway, we're enjoying it. This series is kind of amazing. I mean, it's this silly little thing based on a silly little video game, but some episodes! Today we watched the Charmander episode, and it's still making me cry. I'm sort of dreading the Butterfree episode, except that I like things that make me cry. Even Old Yeller, but that one is too much if you're not really ready for it. And the Raichu episode... Oh man. It's some pretty good stuff. I do wish we could watch it in Japanese, though. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to revisit our childhood (by which I mean our high school years), some Pokemon not being dubbed (fun fact: the voice of Pikachu is Sailor Tin Nyanko in Sailor Stars), making pretty decent progress on work today, getting some fun packages (I forgot to mention--we were discussing In/Spectre 1 on LJ, while translating In/Spectre 3, and then the UPS guy came and delivered our comp copies of In/Spectre 2!), and fun Noragami cosplay! Check it out in in this video!
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