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Today turned into such a weird day. It already started on the slightly irresponsible side, but technically it was being responsible in a different way, because we set the alarm for later than usual, so we slept late, but it was because we still can't shake this under-the-weather stuff so we were hoping some extra sleep would help. And it might have! if we had not decided to be impulsive and take the afternoon off to go to Disneyland, thus expending energy which we may or may not have had.

But there we were, working, and Athena said, "I'm starting to have dangerous thoughts. Like, wouldn't it be nice to go on the Indiana Jones ride right now?" And I thought about it, and I was like, "...Yeah. Yeah, it would." So we kept working until our CD ended, we ate lunch, and off we went to Disneyland! And it was really very silly, because we knew it was already past the golden non-crowded hour. But the lines weren't too long, so we went on Indiana Jones. It was really nice, because we got to spend some time in Adventureland, and we've always loved Adventureland, but it's kind of a stroller parking lot these days, so the only place to really enjoy the ambiance without being overcome by a strong desire to commit acts of stroller terrorism is the line to Indiana Jones. ...Well, there and Tarzan's Treehouse, but the treehouse has a lot of stairs and we already weren't sure if we really had the energy to even go to Disneyland.

Anyway, then we went on It's A Small World Holiday. ...Actually, first, we found a place in New Orleans Square to sit and eat the food we'd brought with us. In our attempts to get ourselves to eat more fruit, we bought some "Odwalla superfood bars." We'd already tried two different varieties and determined that we didn't like them, but we'd also already bought these and figured we might as well eat them, and what better time than on an impromptu visit to Disneyland? They tasted like berry-flavored dirt.

And then we went on It's A Small World Holiday, which seemed to have a lot more lights and a lot fewer dolls than we remember. That observation, whether or not it was accurate, had us a little grumpy, so we were ready to go home. But first, we stopped by Frontierland to see if Farley was around, and he was! So we sang the lost third verse of Jingle Bells, and then we did the Twelve Days of Christmas, which had an added twist in that at about the third day of Christmas, who should appear but our stepsister and her friend. They said hi, and we finished the song, and they promptly disappeared before we could stop and chat. That was kind of odd, but oh well I guess.

We said goodbye to Farley, and then we headed home. On the way home, we had determined to stop at IHOP, because Gaston hates IHOP, which meant we had to overcome our fear of restaurants and go in by ourselves if we wanted to try the dark chocolate peppermint pancakes. So we went in, and the place was practically empty, so the host tried to find us a nice small booth, but all the booths were too big, so eventually we were in the back of the restaurant, and he was like, "...You can sit there." So we did, and our server apologized that he put us all the way in the back. (I admit, what I said about his reasoning is pure speculation.) And we each ordered a four-stack of the coveted pancakes...and it turned out to be too much! But only because they only put the topping on the top pancake. So we wanted to save the best for last, so we ate all the bottom pancakes first (that took some maneuvering), and by the time we got to the beautifully chocolate-minty top pancakes, we were too full to enjoy them, alas.

On the bright side, we had a friendly chat with our server, who said we should totally come in more often, but definitely bring coupons, because, being close to Disneyland and all, this is the most expensive IHOP (and let me tell you, yeah). So we think we might do that, but since we aren't exactly rich right now, it will probably not be super frequent. But! we think their stuffed french toast might be a way to ease into the whole "eating fruit" thing. Because when fruit is surrounded by bread and sugar and cream, we can probably ignore all the stuff about it we don't like.

Then we came home to find Page missing. I already felt kind of bad randomly abandoning her on impulse, and now we're back and she's hiding from us! Oh no! ...But she was just snuggled under the blankets on my bed. The little cutie.

Today I'm thankful for having a light enough schedule that we probably didn't doom ourselves by impulsively abandoning work, getting to go on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, getting to have more fun with Farley, getting to try the dark chocolate peppermint pancakes (normally they're sold in a combo with only two pancakes and eggs and bacon or sausage, so only putting topping on the top pancake makes more sense), and making friends(?) with our server.
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