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Devil Survivor volume 8

Soooo we kind of disappeared yesterday. We were mostly playing Pokemon and watching the new Gilmore Girls, and kind of disappointed in the latter because it feels like everything was put on pause for ten years and it's all the same drama again as if nobody made any progress whatsoever in the last decade. But it still had some funny jokes.

But anyway, I have not forgotten that this is Review Rednesday! And as announced last week, we will now present our review of the eighth and final volume of Devil Survivor! Spoiler level: last volume.

The eighth and final volume of Devil Survivor. Wow, I'm not sure I really have much to say. It was a nice, satisfying conclusion. Everything kind of went just the way you'd expect it to. Kazuya looked really neat with his demon power cape. I liked how the artist handled everything. When the power was starting to take Kazuya over, the speech bubbles had a neat gradient thing going from white to black, like he's human but becoming a demon, but then! when Naoya comes along and he snaps out of it, the gradient switched directions. That was cool.

Midori continues to be super awesome. She's one of the biggest heroes in this whole series (manga version, anyway), if you ask me.

The Belberith battle was kind of weird, because Belberith sucked Kazuya into him...and then suddenly Belberith was defeated. I mean, obviously Kazuya reversed the pull and absorbed Belberith instead, but it wasn't exactly clear when that happened. Maybe we just need to look at the pictures closer or something.

The gag comics under the cover were fun, as usual. "I'm missing my summer vacation!" Also, the little epilogue when Kazuya is talking to Naoya was great, too. "You're twisted." "I am your cousin."

The game translation, or at least the Devil Survivor wiki, didn't have a translation of Babel's profile, so we had to come up with that one ourselves. It would have been fine, except for the whole thing about there being multiple towers of Babel? What? We think that's because some people speculate that the tower of Babel was a giant ziggurat, but we didn't exactly have time to do all the research to confirm. Nevertheless, people do speculate that it was a giant ziggurat, and there were multiple ziggurats in Mesopotamia, so at least the profile doesn't have incorrect facts in the translation, we think.

Oh! The scene where Kazuya says he has to go to the demon world, and Yuzu was like, "No, don't go!" and he was like, "I'll be back," was so cute.

I don't think we ever mentioned this before, so maybe now is a good time. When we started playing Devil Survivor for research, we noticed a lot of similarities to a certain other game that we enjoyed. Of course the games are different enough that they don't seem like copies of each other, but they did come out around the same time, so we wonder if there was some sort of bingo game or something among the big game developers, like maybe Nintendo set up a challenge or something because they're both originally DS games, and there was a checklist that they had to go through. Takes place in modern day Tokyo, main character has headphones for no apparent reason, there's some kind of in-game game, it's a life-or-death situation, some character runs a bar, and it all takes place within a week. And there's at least one mysterious person who turns out to be more involved than it seems, and is somehow related to a prominent figure in the Bible.

That being the case, we were kind of sad that we didn't have a "The World Ends With You" soundtrack to listen to while we translated this series, but we do have the Kingdom Hearts 3D soundtrack, and that has music from the former game, so we listened to that instead.

Anyway, this is another one of those stories where the hero gives up ultimate power just to live an average, ordinary life with the people he cares about, and I gotta say, I like it. Because you can have the whole world, but without love, you might as well have nothing. Money and power can't buy you happiness. We've managed to get a lot of things that would have made us super jealous years ago, but those things lose their sparkle really fast when nobody cares. So I like to see these stories where people are like, "Nope, I'm just gonna hang out with my friends and family, thanks." Because that's what life is really all about.

And that's it for Devil Survivor! It was fun. ...I can think of times where it was less fun, but overall, I'm glad we got to translate it.

This week, we had zero translations hit bookstores! But last week we had a request for a review, so tune in next week for our review of In/Spectre volume one!

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate Devil Survivor, getting to try some sweet potato Bake Bake, making it halfway through the first draft we worked on today (normally more than that is preferred, but this is a wordy series), finally getting a fishing rod in Pokemon Moon, and amusing plots involving cinnamon.
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